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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days Affiliate Terms & Conditions

These Affiliate Terms & Conditions (the “Program Terms”) are an agreement between and any Publisher which applies for participation in’s Advertiser Program on the AWIN marketing Network. It is each Publisher’s responsibility to ensure compliance with these Program Terms at all times.


As used in these Terms:

"" "we", "us", and "our" refer to;

"You" or "your" refers to the Publisher applying for and/or participating in’s Advertiser Program on the AWIN Network;

 “ Website” refers to;

“Publisher Service" means a website, application or service operated by the Publisher capable of marketing Advertisers and their respective Products;

Unless otherwise defined in these Program Terms, words and phrases with initial capital letters shall have the meanings set forth in the AWIN Ltd Standard Terms For Publishers.


Your Application Form must disclose all aspects of your Publisher Service, including all websites, social media, email and any other mode in which you intend to promote and its Products. After receiving your Application Form, we will review your Publisher Service promptly and notify you of your acceptance or rejection into our Program. We reserve the right to reject any application; however, we encourage you to contact us if you feel we have made an incorrect decision. Adult, hate, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, infringing, or otherwise illegal material are not allowed on any Publisher Service participating in’s Program.


We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Program at any time and may add to, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Program at any time. In the event of any material change to an ongoing promotion, we’ll notify you via email and/or the Interface at least 7 days prior to any such changes taking effect, at which time you may either agree to such changes or withdraw from the Program.

COOKIES operates a 30 day-cookie policy.


Upon acceptance into the Program, Tracking Codes will be made available to you through the AWIN Interface. You agree that you will only use Tracking Codes obtained from AWIN without manipulation.


You warrant and agree that:

·         You have reviewed the AWIN Publisher Code of Conduct (available at You agree to comply with the rules and guidance of the Code of Conduct, including the following:

o   Rule 1: Publishers proactively disclose all promotional activities and obtain advertiser approval for their activities;

o   Rule 2: Publishers do not negatively impact Advertiser page performance, functionality or availability;

o   Rule 3: Publishers accurately represent their location of business and residence;

o   Rule 4: Publishers only employ downloadable software that meets applicable standards;

o   Rule 5: Publishers do not engage in "Spam"-Activities;

o   Rule 6: Publishers do not publish or permit the publication of any content which is likely to bring into disrepute publisher marketing, any advertiser or any of that advertiser's respective licensors or licensees;

o   Rule 7: Publishers only engage in Paid Search Marketing in accordance with applicable laws and standards;

o   Rule 8: Publishers do not mislead consumers in their advertising activities;

o   Rule 9: Publishers provide transparency about traffic sources and the environment that ads are displayed in;

o   Rule 10: Publishers do not misuse tracking Links and advertiser Material;

o   Rule 11: Publishers cooperate fully in the resolution of issues and disputes;

o   Rule 12: Publishers comply with the spirit of the Code of Conduct.

·         No component of your Publisher Service will in any way copy, resemble, or mirror the look and feel of the Website, including without limitation, framing of the Website in any manner.

·         Cookie stuffing, pop-ups, and false or misleading links are strictly prohibited.

·         You will not attempt to mask the referring URL information for any Click. Using redirects to bounce a Click off a domain where the Click did not originate in order to give the appearance that it came from that domain is expressly prohibited and is a direct violation of the Program.

·         You may not use the terms “libro” or “librofm” as any part of the domain or subdomain for any website used in your Program Service.

·         Any email used in the Program Services must be sent on your behalf and must not imply that the email is being sent on behalf of

·         Publishers may not alter any of the creatives made available through the Interface.

·         You will not hardcode any banners using Advertiser Material on any site in your Publishing Service without prior permission from  Publishers are requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those available through may take immediate effect. If you believe that your site requires that banners are hardcoded, please contact to obtain permission before putting this in place. This will allow us to contact you whenever updates are necessary.

·         Publishers are not allowed to supplant by any means’s identity in social media. Publisher must be easily identified by users in any promotion in social media.

·         You will not bid on searches for the brand name, including any misspelling or variation of the brand, including all references to sites/URLs.