Sold in nearly 150 countries worldwide, Clarks creates footwear for men, women and children.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

7 Days


Program Terms

Programme benefits

  • Well-known and respected brand with long history
  • Great conversion rate of approximately 5%
  • Average order value of over £55
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Regular informative newsletters, keeping you up to date with the latest offers.
  • A large set of tested creative available


Programme membership

Approval onto the programme will depend on brand and demographic suitability, as well as the quality of promotional materials (ie. websites and newsletters).


Once you have been approved, you will be contacted by our Account Manager and invited to suggest ways you can promote us.


Affiliates who remain inactive (ie. no orders generated) for a period of three months will be contacted and asked to reconsider their membership of the programme.


Commission Structure

Cashback and Voucher code affiliates

  • 3% commission on Clarks main site sales
  • 0% commission on Clarks Outlet sales
  • 0% commission on Clarks Leads

All other publisher types

  • 3% commission on Clarks main site sales
  • 0% commission on Clarks Outlet sales
  • 0% commission on Clarks Leads

If part of an order is returned we will still award commission on the realised order value.



All online orders will be validated within 28 days.


Cookie Period

7 days


PPC policy

• Affiliates are not permitted to bid on the Clarks brand name or any variant or misspelling

• Use of the Clarks display URL is prohibited in any PPC campaigns
• Affiliates may not use a URL redirect to take the customer directly to the Clarks website from a PPC advert
• Affiliates wishing to promote Clarks using the PPC channel must do so using their own websites or landing pages

Affiliates found breaking these terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face suspension from the programme.


Email Marketing

All email marketing must first be signed-off by the Clarks Affiliate Team for approval.


Discount code/Voucher use & Offers on merchant pages

Affiliates are not allowed to publish any discount/voucher codes on their site(s) / emails that have not been verified or approved by the Clarks Affiliate Team. Affiliates are also not permitted to create their own Clarks offers as these may be misleading or false. All offers displayed on the publisher promotional space must be signed off and approved by the Clarks Affiliate Team, no unauthorised activity can be displayed. Doing so may result in suspension from the program and non-payment of commissions.



Currently Clarks Affiliate Team do not wish to partner with any sub-network publishers. Please feel free to reach out to us for further details.


Tenancy payments / publisher IOs

All IOs for promotional activity must be raised within a month of the activity going live (preferably these should be raised before or on the day that the activity goes live to ensure prompt payment).

Unpaid IOs must be followed up within three months of the activity.

Clarks withhold the right to refuse payment if the IO is not received and/or followed up within the timeframes specified above.