We focus on the unique needs of women. Whether you want to improve your nutrition, gain muscle or lose weight, we’re here to support you with our nutritionist developed formulas


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Brand Guidelines

Affiliates are not permitted to do the following:

  • Attempt to look like the official brand
  • Use a domain name similar to
  • Change the appearance of any logos or brand names

De-Duplication Policy

All sales made via the affiliate channel will be de-duplicated against the other Free Soul online channels. These include PPC, display and email. Further details are on the de-duplication tab.

Discount Codes

Only discount codes provided to affiliate window are eligible for commission. Any sales made using non approved codes will have their commissions declined.

Any sales using codes provided to influencers only, will be declined. Failure to this could lead to suspension. 

Email Policy

If you want to send out a solus email, please contact us first so that the creative can be approved prior to going live. No other email activity is permitted under this programme.

PPC Policy

Direct linking, brand bidding and the use of trademarked brand terms is not permitted. Please see the PPC tab for full terms and conditions on the use of PPC. Please refrain from using ‘official’ in any advertisements for our products.

Social Media Advertising

Affiliates are not permitted to post on any Free Soul social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter with the aim of driving referral traffic to their website.