Since the early 21st century, Zupapa has served 300K+ families with high-quality trampolines, dome climbers, hammocks, paddle boards, swings, baseball nets, and gymnastics bars. We aim to accompany all kids to grow up healthy both physically and mentally.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


All Affiliates are encouraged and expected to read and adhere to the terms and conditions below. For questions on these terms, please speak to – or a relevant account contact.


All Affiliates must provide an email address and be contactable within a reasonable amount of time.

All Affiliates agree to consult with Zupapa at least 14 days in advance to improve the relationship and their performance.

Purchase of Domains

Affiliates should NOT use any domain names including the brand name “Zupapa”.


Affiliates are allowed to direct traffic directly to and use that URL as a display URL.


Affiliates should promote voucher codes, sales, and offers approved by the Account Manager.

When advertising a discount code for Zupapa products, please ensure that the price advertised is the original price plus the discount code but not the discounted price. For example, if a product is priced at $100 and we offer a discount code for 10% off, you should list the price as $100 plus a 10% discount code instead of the discounted price of $90.


Affiliates agree to present the brand Zupapa in the same manner as the owner of Zupapa presents itself.

Affiliates will use up-to-date images, ad-copy and offers from Zupapa in their marketing properly.

Leads and Transactions

Where leads and transactions are applicable, the affiliated agree that leads and transactions will be qualified and Zupapa reserves the right to decline a payment when the provided leads and transactions are proved to be spam, not contactable after five tries, duplicates, or (and) fraudulent.


The affiliates agree to adhere to and will ensure their marketing campaigns are compliant with the relevant regulations.