Hearing Aid Accessories is one of the UK’s leading distributors for hearing aid accessories, we also offer clients free UK delivery.Help us make a difference today to someones hearing while earning 10% commission on all products.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Voucher codes:

All voucher codes used by affiliates must be provided directly through the Hearing Aid Accessories affiliate program. Vouchers are given out on a global and individual basis (depending on performance); however, affiliates may suggest ideas for vouchers if they believe it will result in higher conversions.

If you are a voucher code website, you must not have any misleading copy suggesting there are codes when none exist.

Cancelled/Refunded orders:

Hearing Aid Accessories reserves the right to withdraw commission on any refunded order or any order where payment has not been verified.

Cookie Length:

30 days.

Closed PPC (Pay-per-click) policy:

The affiliate may not bid on any areas that Hearing Aid Accessories is currently bidding for themselves without prior consultation with hearing aid accessories and written permission to do so.


Affiliates are not permitted to use Hearing Aid Accessories in a domain name unless prior consent is given.


The commission is calculated from:

  • The final basket value, this includes shipping and sales tax!
  • For example, if the total basket value is £100 you will get £10, we will not deduct any tax nor shipping from your final basket value.
  • Sales that are fraudulent will not be paid out, proof will be provided to the affiliate if questioned via AWIN, email or direct phone call if desired.

Disputed transactions:

The merchant will investigate disputed transactions within 7 days from submission; please provide your contact details and availability during this time.

Email policy

You are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this Affiliate programme. This is extended to include all forms of spam including blog comment spamming.

Sites with the below content are not allowed:

Adult sites, gambling sites, sites that promote violence or unseemly/antisocial behaviour.

Affiliate Removals:

Awin will review all affiliates on a monthly basis who have been inactive for the past three months. Inactive is defined in this instance as any affiliate who has not driven a sale within that time period. This may result in removal from the programme. Those affiliates who have been removed through inactivity are welcome to re-apply to the programme but must go through the approval process once again.


We can’t wait to have you on board!

– Hearing Aid Accessories Team