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Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms & Conditions

It is the affiliate's responsibility to ensure they are compliant with all regulations relating to their site and marketing activities, at all times. This includes regulations, guidelines or best practice policies relating to: data, cookie and privacy matters, email marketing, retargeting & behavioural marketing, the ASA, CAP and the IAB.

It is the affiliate's responsibility to ensure they comply with the the ASA's regulations at all times. 
Affiliates may only feature promotional content that has been provided to the affiliate channel by

Affiliates do not have permission to rely on or republish content about that comes from unauthorised third parties, and are strongly advised to avoid using third party providers as the accuracy of the content is not guaranteed. Affiliates may only use information provided to them directly by the

If affiliates are communicating messages about in social spaces such as forums or on social media etc, they must be careful to ensure that any affiliate link can easily be recognised as being part of an affiliate relationship, and cannot be confused with non-sponsored user generated content. Affiliates working in these social environments should spend time understanding the most appropriate and compliant ways for them to publish this content.

Biddable Media (PPC etc).

The program does not allow any bidding on their brand name, trademarks, nor variations or misspells of these.
Nor does this program allow any form of acquisition via PPC.

These terms apply to all PPC search engines, content networks (for example the Google Content Network, and similar for additional search engines) and PPC channels (ie Facebook PPC etc).


Affiliates do not have permission to leak or publish any promotion or discount code prior to its start date under any circumstances. Affiliates should be aware that will upload codes for affiliate use to the Affiliate Window Discount Vouchers feed. At no point should any of these codes be promoted on affiliates sites prior to their start date. If any sales using these codes are generated before the code start date, these commissions will be declined.

Discount Codes

Affiliates may only promote discount codes that are provided through the affiliate program. reserves the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised discount codes are used in an affiliate sale. We understand that customers may use discount codes that they have found via a site other than that which is awarded the sale and this will be investigated before decisions on commission payment are made. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.

Where discount codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates displaying expired codes without marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme.

Unauthorised Activity
Any unauthorised activity will be investigated, during which time your commissions may be suspended or set to zero. A warning will be sent notifying you of the area(s) of concern and you will be given no more than 7 days to make the necessary changes and notify us in writing once this action has been taken. Failure to comply or respond within the time frame may result in you remaining on 0% commission until such action has been taken, or you may be removed from the programme. Serious or repeated breaches may also result in you suffering further commission penalties and/or being immediately removed from the programme.

For any queries related to the above please contact Adriana Gentile on