Since 2001 we have specialised in selling Fair Trade paper products and unusual eco-friendly gifts made in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. All our products are handmade using locally sourced sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

PPC Restrictions 

No Brand Bidding, Paper High would like to inform its affiliates that it is restricting affiliates bidding on brand terms on all search engines. Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will be removed from the program. Any commission made on these sales will not be paid by the merchant. Affiliates are prohibited from using Brand with Generic Terms and should use Paper High as a negative. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on keywords, (or derivatives) of, and key phrases that are associated with Paper High. Please be aware that we carefully monitor paid for search on all competitive keywords and ask for your assistance in this process.

Display URLs

You cannot operate domains which contain trademarks for the sole purpose of driving traffic from Search Engines. It is important to note that affiliates must not use the display URL of ( or include any variation of this. Any affiliate using this display URL may be removed from the programme. Affiliates may not use trademarks term as a subdomain in their URL e.g.

Affiliates must use their own website which can include trademarks in the sub folders of the display URL e.g.

Voucher Codes

- Commission will not be paid on voucher or discount codes that haven't been authorised to be used in conjunction with the affiliate channel.

Please see the various tabs for programme T&Cs.