Reverse Life is the UK's best-selling bottled collagen drink, each serving contains a staggering 10,000mg of premium hydrolysed Marine Collagen. It’s great for your skin, hair, nails and joints. Rated Excellent on Trustpilot with over 13,500 reviews.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms & Conditions

Discounts & Vouchers

Expired discounts and vouchers must be removed from your website upon the day of expiry.

Expired discounts and vouchers must not be communicated in any means or form to consumers.

Only official discounts and vouchers communicated by the Affiliate Account Manager may be promoted by an affiliate.

Discounts and Vouchers may not be promoted as being eligible to be combined with another form of discount, voucher or cashback unless explicitly stated by the Affiliate Account Manager.

Validations of sales where a voucher code has been used

In order to help monitor affiliate use of voucher codes, Reverse Life LTD have implemented AWINs voucher code tracking. This allows individual codes used within a transaction to be listed next to each order number.


Reverse Life reserves the right to decline any sales that have been tracked with an unauthorised voucher code whether this code was promoted on the site or not.


Bulk Orders

Reverse Life reserves the right to refuse commission on wholesale orders.



Affiliates must update ad copy that features in search engine page results to ensure it is consistent with the latest Reverse Life products, offers, discounts and vouchers.


PPC Policy

Affiliates wishing to promote Reverse Life via PPC and Google Shopping through use of a landing page should first contact us. PPC affiliates who apply for the Reverse Life programme without first getting in touch to discuss their promotion may find that their application is declined and commissions reversed.

Affiliates found contravening these terms may have their commissions declined and face immediate suspension from the programme.

The Reverse Life program also has a zero-tolerance policy on CSS providers - publishers using CSS will be suspended from the program with all commissions declined until listings are removed.

Domain restrictions

Affiliates are asked not to register domains which are similar or misspells of our brand, any activity of this kind on the campaign will result in commissions being declined and retrieval of the domain.


Affiliates are requested to use only creatives available within their affiliate account in their promotion of Reverse Life Marine Collagen. Please contact us if there is an additional size that you require.

Notice and Action

Affiliates agree to action and remedy any request that brings them back in accordance with the Reverse Life Collagen program terms in no less than 7 UK working days. Exceptions to this rule are at the Affiliate Account Managers discretion.

Breach of terms

Reverse Life Collagen reserves the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.