SoulCycle isn’t just a workout, it’s a mind-body-Soul experience. And now, with the SoulCycle at-home bike, you can clip in and ride to the rhythm with iconic SoulCycle instructors—and be transported to the front row of the SoulCycle studio—from home.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Posting Requirements for Influencers Only

Affiliate Deliverables: Within 30 days of admission to the affiliate program the below is required. 
(1) Feed post on platform of choice (Instagram, TikTok or Youtube) + (1) Instagram story set of 3-5 frames (Using affiliate link as sticker tap button)

Social posting tags:
@eqxplus & @soulcycle

Content Creation Guidelines: 

  • Static: Static imagery should showcase a motivational, positive, ambitious, and excited tone
  • Video: Video content should be a mix of authentic product in use & testimonial (please see shot list for further shot types) 
  • Images and videos must be submitted in one of the following ratios: 
    • 1X1, 4:5, or 9:16. 
      • Please ensure the most important aspects of the creative can be fitted within these parameters 
  • Please include both clean and text overlay assets while being mindful of aspect ratios mentioned above 
  • Include the brand name within the hook before the 3-second mark

Social Post Guidelines:

  • Images must feature lifestyle imagery that shows the product/s in use 
  • When submitting drafts, images must be in high resolution with no text or watermarks. You are welcome to add a watermark if desired after approval
  • Instagram Stories must use min. 1 Sticker Tap feature with ambassador link 
  • Copy must use proper brand tagging, hashtagging, and FTC disclosures


Copy Guidelines:

DO: talk about the product benefits using a positive, ambitious, and excited tone.

DO NOT: show bike outdoors, talk about competitor brands, cover app/logos


Social Publishing Guidelines:

  • Facebook + Instagram: Make sure that you follow the Branded Content guidelines prior to publishing approved content.
    • On Facebook, using the Branded Content Tool, please add Equinox Plus as the Business Partner in your post.
    • On Instagram, using the Branded Content Tool, found in Advanced Settings (if available), please add Equinox Plus as the Business Partner in your post.
  • Please be sure to turn on the option for Branded Content Partner to boost the post.
  • The brand may potentially like to have this content promoted through your own social channels, so if you are selected for this program, Wpromote will work with you to run the paid promotion of this campaign through your account.


General Guidelines:

  • Do not include any mentions/imagery of other brands or trademarked titles/names, buildings, or artwork. This includes TV shows, movies, books/magazines, and celebrity names.
  • Do not depict nudity or lewd content. Do not incite, advocate, or express pornography, obscenity, vulgarity, profanity, hatred, bigotry, racism, or gratuitous violence or include any other offensive content.

Campaign Hashtags:

Disclosures: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Or Similar Social Media Platforms: Use The “#eqxpartner” Hashtag. This hashtag should be included at the beginning or end of a post or at the beginning of a series of hashtags if more than one is used. On Instagram, the hashtag should appear before the “more” button.