Summary is a leading retailer of curtains, fabrics and other homewares, and has been established for over 35 years. Our website offers hundreds of products.We offer extremely competitive pricing, thereby giving the customers great value.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


PPC Policy

No direct PPC is permitted for this program.  
This includes sponsored links/PPC ads that use …

  • the company’s name ‘Terrys Fabrics’ variations, misspellings or derivates 

as a keyword or part of a key phrase on any search engine.

Please add the Merchant's brand name as a negative keyword.

Terrys Fabrics reserve the right to decline sales where PPC Policy t&cs are breached and remove affiliates from the program.


De-duplication Policy & Best Practice

Terrys Fabrics do not currently de-duplicate sales but reserve the right to do so in the future.

Terrys Fabrics agrees, wherever possible, to provide affiliates with reasonable notice period on any significant changes to the campaign. 

Please do not register url’s similar to Terrys Fabrics without the merchant’s consent.

Terrys Fabrics welcomes the opportunity to work with all affiliate types except software application affiliates.

Terrys Fabrics reserves the right to decline application from sites that have an incomplete affiliate profile, including contact details and where the site does not complement the brand.

Affiliates must keep information about Terrys Fabrics up to date and comply with any requests to change, remove or update information.

Affiliates must supply a working url in order to be accepted onto the program.

Please do not use competitor names to send traffic to the merchant's site.


Voucher Code Use

Affiliates may only promote codes released through Awin.

Terrys Fabrics reserve the right to decline sales where unauthorised vouchers are used or displayed and remove affiliates from the program.



Affiliates must only use creatives available through the Awin interface and are not permitted to alter these.

Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites.  This will ensure that when creatives are updated they will also be dynamically updated on your site, ensuring correct promotional and up to date information is available


In applying for the Terrys Fabrics programme you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.