Enter Gallery specialises in limited edition and original artworks from today's most exciting contemporary artists. We offer generous commission opportunities.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Enter Gallery has five core qualities that help build our brand character and tone of voice

· Inspirational

· Independent

· Empathetic

· Authentic

· Passionate

Tone of voice

The following information helps us identify a tone of voice that is authentic to our brand. Our tone of voice expresses our personality and, when used consistently, is easily recognised by our audience.

Formality/Informality For many, the art world can be an intimidating place. There’s often a level of formality that alienates people before they’ve even had a chance to engage with it. With that in mind, our tone should feel conversational and empathetic.

Complexity In our eyes, everyone deserves the chance to appreciate art. Consequently, we want our copy to feel accessible to everyone. So stay clear and concise and, to avoid alienation, never use a long word when a short one will do. Because by making our point simply, there’s no need to read a sentence twice. Try and avoid lengthy lines.

Adjective We prefer short, active lines over long, descriptive ones. Longer ideas can be broken down into shorter sentences. This maintains pace, energy and legibility. Express yourself, but do it simply. Write with impact.

Paragraph style Our paragraph style is engaging and easily read on multiple devices. We blend block paragraphs with bullet points, subheadings and clear call-to actions where appropriate.


Our lock up is our primary logo form. It is composed of the different elements that form our logo: the wordmark and the brand mark.

Artist specific requirements

Slim Aarons and Michael Ochs – Images by these artists must be credited to Enter Gallery and Getty Images