eharmony is a personalised dating service, which delivers you highly compatible matches selected just for you. With over 5 million singles registered to eharmony in the UK, you can register for free today and find out who you’d be matched with.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Terms and Conditions

First infringement
The affiliate will immediately forfeit all commissions from the calendar month of the infraction, from any and all sources.

Second infringement
Affiliates will immediately forfeit all earned revenue from the calendar month of the infraction and will be termination from program. Information about unethical behaviour may be shared with third parties.

Additional policy
1. Use of coupon codes not distributed by eHarmony is against eHarmony policy.
2. Publishers may not use any of the following as means to promote any of
eHarmony's site or services:

  • eHarmony internal promotional codes
  • incentives or incentive marketing
  • linking to the eHarmony site directly from any search engine
  • trigger-event headlines such as "Get a date tonight"

3. Affiliates planning to use paid search or email marketing must apply to the programme.
4. Publishers may not engage in fraudulent lead generation activities. eHarmony does not permit hand-inputting or batching pre-collected leads into its form. All leads must be derived from natural traffic.
5. Publishers may not promote eHarmony on a network without first contacting and informing a member of the eHarmony affiliate team.
6. Publishers may not promote services other than the eHarmony singles matching product (such as Marriage, CompatiblePartners or any other eHarmony products) unless they have signed a separate agreement pertaining to such separate services.
7. Publishers may not use the brand term eHarmony or any variation thereof within their domain name(s).
8. Neither publishers nor any third party may use eHarmony�s name, logo or other trademark in a press release or public announcement.
9. Neither publishers nor any third party may capture any eHarmony registrant or subscriber's information, whether by fraud or under the guise of being an eHarmony affiliate (e.g. by framing or scraping the eHarmony site).
10. In the event of fraud or abuse committed by publishers or their affiliates in cost-per-registration campaigns, the parties will cooperate with one another to provide make-goods, in addition to and without limiting other remedies legally available to the party affected by such fraud or abuse.