Pixum er en af de førende online fotoservices Danmark, og har vundet adskillige testsejre for fremragende produktkvalitet samt kundeservice i såvel ind- som udland.


Attributionsperiode (cookieperiode)

30 Dage

Awin is currently our sole affiliate marketing platform for Pixum. Our Terms are as stated on these pages. 

PPC & Shopping/CSS: 

  • Brand in PPC: We do not allow PPC-bidding on our Brand in any form, including deliberate typos / deviations. 
  • CSS/Shopping: Always use the Brand “Pixum” when advertising our products, i.e. Use the Brand name provided in our product feeds

We do not make any exceptions on this in any country and will withhold commissions when Publishers disregard the above.

When infringement persists, we will suspend our cooperation.