Founded in 2009, Northskull is a jewellery and accessories brand based in London with a focus on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish element to the attire of the modern man and woman.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



Any voucher codes promoted must be provided through the Northskull affiliate programme. We reserve the right to withhold the commission if non-authorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale. 

Affiliates found to be using unauthorised voucher codes face immediate suspension from the programme.



Northskull no longer works with incentive or deal sites through subnetworks, as such any subnetwork accounts promoting incentive sites will not be accepted to the programme at this time. 



Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Awin interface. In order to prevent out of date content, affiliates may not hardcode the creative into their sites.

Anyone found infringing on these terms will receive a warning and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Continuous infringement of these terms will result in suspension.

Please feel free to get in touch with any enquiries about your promotion of Northskull.



If you wish to run any Google Shopping or PLA activity, please contact us first. Any brand seen to run Google Shopping or PLA activity on brand terms without permission will receive 0% CPA until the matter is resolved.



Affiliates may only run PPC when PPC dates have been booked in with Northskull. If you have not been given permission to promote via PPC then you should not be running this activity and you will receive 0% commission until the matter is resolved. This can also only be on brand terms, not generic terms.