PRETTYPARTY’s goal is simple: to provide people of every age, ethnicity and lifestyle with fashionable, innovative products that save time and money, and create eye-catching, shareable looks.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

10 Days


This is the agreement that will govern your participation and engagement through the Awin network with Us. Please read this agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of our program.

Program Terms

The brand name “PRETTYPARTY” is only allowed to be used by accepted publishers. At each time we claim the right to immediately withdraw the right to do use our brand’s name. It is not allowed to use our brand’s name in terms of comparative advertising and it is never allowed to change our brand’s logo.

Our publishers are not allowed to submit unclear or misleading information about our brand, our products or about where the transactions will finally be done. It is prohibited to use our brand, it’s logo or ads in combination with content that might be of bad taste, displeasing, offensive, glorifying violence, discriminating, pornographic or political.

Keyword Advertising

It is prohibited to use direct links from this network in search engines and/or to buy GLOSSYBOX brand keywords in any combination.

Special Ads

Publishers are prohibited from using PRETTYPARTY ads in frames, iframes, pop­ups, and pop­unders as well as any integration in software applications.

Cookie Dropping

Publishers are not allowed to make use of cookie dropping. Any kind of doing so without having a user seen or clicked on an ad will immediately lead to the exclusion from our affiliate partnership.


Platforms are only allowed to use or list coupons that are individually generated for this dedicated partnership on this affiliate network. Old or inactive coupons have to be deleted from any platform.

Please be aware that continued lack of compliance with the rules mentioned above and the below terms and conditions could result in your affiliate status being revoked and all accruing commissions reversed.

In consideration of the promises set forth below, each party agrees as follows:


1.0   We shall have the sole right and responsibility for processing all orders made by Customers. You acknowledge that all agreements relating to sales to Customers shall be between Us and the Customer.


2.0   We do not allow affiliates to promote us via PPC


3.0   Any promotional and incentive offers and codes must be authorized through Awin. The use of unauthorised codes will result in non-payment of commission and possible suspension from the programme. We closely monitor all voucher codes used in affiliate sales.

New Customers

A publisher with a shopper making several purchases with multiple new emails/accounts to gain additional cashback or better discounts on site will have their commissions reversed for those orders. This fact should be reflected on your terms and conditions on publisher pages as well, so the shopper is aware.​