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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Program Terms

PPC Terms & Conditions:

  • Affiliates are not permitted to bid on Devola brand names or any variations or misspellings. They must also add this as a negative match in all search campaigns.
  • Failure to comply with these rules will result in your commissions being set to zero or being removed from the Devola affiliate programme.
  • It is strictly forbidden for any partners to bid on Devola trademarks, brand name(s), or any derivations/misspellings - with or without spaces, in any SEM campaigns.
  • ”Devola” and all variations thereof must be added as negative keywords in all PPC campaigns
  • “Devola” (or variations thereof) must not appear in any paid advertising as the display URL, nor can it appear in the main domain of any partner’s website
  • Partners are also forbidden from bidding on any trademarks or individual brand names
  • Partners in breach of our terms may face the reversal of some (or all) pending pay-outs and other penalties – potentially including removal from the programme


Website Restrictions:

  • Partners are not permitted to use any misspell domains which could be confused with our own website or that of any of our industry partners
  • Partners must not mask or cloak their URLs
  • Embedding our website or content in an Iframe is strictly forbidden


Voucher Code Terms & Conditions:

Voucher Code Restrictions - Occasionally some discount codes are released exclusively, in which case they will not be shared in the discount code section. Unauthorized use of codes will result in declined commissions.

Voucher codes will be segmented into:

·       'Devola Owned' which are for own branded channels & loyalty only - commissions will be declined if an Affiliate is found using these codes

·       'Affiliate Owned' codes specifically for new customers & the Devola Affiliate Base - commissions will not be declined if an Affiliate is found using codes from the “My Offers” section

Customers are not permitted to obtain cashback and use a voucher code. Consequently, all incentive and cashback publishers will have their commissions cancelled when a voucher code has been used.