At Feel, we believe in the power of clean, high-performance wellness products to support both inner and outer beauty. Our products combine evidence based formulas and clean ingredients that complement each other for maximum results.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Links Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Any Affiliate found to be in breach of Wearefeel terms and conditions will risk being removed from the programme.



Commission is payable on sales tracked directly through Awin, attributed to the Affiliate Account ID on a last click wins basis. All qualified for commission orders will be manually approved by Wearefeel on a monthly basis.


Creative / Banners

The brand images are available on the platform; however, any specific sizes will be supplied on request. We do expect affiliates not to use poorly resized logo and brand images.


PPC Activity / Keywords does allow Affiliate activity surrounding PPC when bidding on the pre-approved list of keywords.


Prohibited keywords

multivitamins subscription feel

feel multivitamins subscription


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Keywords allowed to bid on

+multivitamins +subscription +feel

 +feel +multivitamins +subscription


 +wearefeel +uk

 +we +are +feel

 +we +are +feel +uk

 +multivitamins +wearefeel

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Voucher Codes

WeAreFeel will supply each affiliate with the dedicated promo code on request. Affiliates are requested to only use the voucher codes specifically assigned to them. Public discount codes will be communicated via Awin communication tool.


Cash Back

WeAreFeel will no longer approve cash back for transactions where a voucher code from a different marketing source has already been applied. 



Commission or cash back will not be paid on any order where the customer returned the products.


Use of Emails / Email Marketing

Any Affiliate wishing to send out an email on behalf of must request the approval and get the final copy approved by Wearefeel.



All affiliates must be compliant with Wearefeel brand. This includes keep up to date with the correct offers, discount codes and product prices.