e&e Jewellery is London based silver jewellery company that both operates online and from 19 branches all over the Europe

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms & Conditions

This Publisher Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made between affiliate publishers (‘you’) and Binay International LTD (e&e) with respect to the e&e affiliate programme offered by AWIN.  Prospective affiliates may apply to join the e&e affiliate programme and must be approved by e&e.  either Awin nor any of its corporate affiliates are parties to this Agreement.

Offers, Engagementand Commissions;

Following commissions as a percentage of net (e.g. ex-VAT) order value less the cost of shipping will be paid by e&e - New customers: 11% Existing customers 3% Commission will be paid on non-cancelled and non-returned orders only.

Hereafter an ‘existing customer’ is any customer who, at the time the order is placed, has previously ordered from e&e, or has previously joined the e&e mailing list.  

Commissions will be validated after 30-days as e&e maintains a 30-day returns policy.  E&e will use commercially reasonable endeavours to validate and pay commission promptly after 45 days. E&e reserves the right to set-off and claw-back any commission paid on orders which are returned beyond 30 days.

On purchase or spend gift vouchers, commission will not be paid. e&e will not pay any commission on orders which appear to have been made fraudulently, or which appear to result from your breach of these terms, at e&e’s sole discretion acting reasonably.

Brand images & Logos 

Logos and brand images may be used as provided by e&e.  You may not change, modify and revise any of the creatives in any way.  You may not try to emulate e&e creatives with similar banners or fonts.

You may not hardcode banners into your site, thereby allowing e&e to update creatives on your behalf.

Shopping Advertising and PPC Search 

You may promote e&e on any major search engine via PPC subject to the explicit consent of e&e, which may be revoked at any time, provided that you adhere to the following rules:

·       You shall add the following broad-match negative keywords: “”, “e&e”, ”e&e jewellery”, “e&e London”, “e&e uk”, “e&e Jewellery UK”, “e&e Jewellery London”

·       You shall not bid on the words “e&e” “” or any close derivatives, extensions or misspellings

·       You may not direct traffic direct to the e&e website without explicit consent of e&e

·       You shall not use “e&e”, “eandejewellery” or any close derivatives, extensions or misspellings in the text, title or display URL of any ad


Main page Pages 

Where you seek to promote e&e via a main page on your own website you must adhere to the following rules:

·       Your landing page may not contain “e&e”, “” or any close derivatives, extensions or misspellings in the URL, or sub folders of the display URL (e.g. e&, or

·       You may not include contain “e&e”, “” or any close derivatives, extensions or misspellings in the meta details of the URL, including the meta title.

·       You must not pass yourself off as e&e

Voucher Platforms, Cash-back Platforms and I-frames 

  • You may not put e&e website into frames or masked URLs.
  • The affiliate programme is currently closed to cash-back platforms.  You may not promote e&e via a cash-back site.
  • You may promote e&e via voucher platforms subject to the express permission of e&e, which may be revoked at any time.  You may not promote e&e offering any form of promotion, deal or discount which has not been exclusively provided to you by e&e.You will not partake in click-to-reveal promotions for e&e, nor mislead customers in any way.


·       e&e will be promoted by you in a fair and honest manner;

·       All information provided by you about e&e, its products or offerings, is factually correct;

·       Consumers will not be mislead by you about the price, discount, product specifications or images of any e&e product or offering;

·       you will at no time hold yourself out to be e&e, in any way endorsed by e&e, or to be acting in any capacity other than as an independent advertiser of e&e;

·       you will not promote e&e on any platforms which provide pornographic or violent content, or content which promotes religious or political hatred;

·       other affiliate or sub-affiliate networks will not be used by you to promote e&e; and you will not bring e&e in to disrepute in anyway.

·       From time to time e&e may experience technical glitches and pricing and product specification errors in its product data feed.  

·       e&e will use commercially reasonable endeavours to amend these errors where they are brought to the attention of e&e within a reasonable time scale.  

·       e&e will not be liable for any errors in its product data feed or any down time of its website.  

·       e&e’s total liability to you (other than for its fraud, or death or personal injury caused by e&e) shall be capped at the total aggregate outstanding commission owed and payable to you for validated orders.

·       e&e will not share the personal data of its customers with you, or any affiliate publisher.  

·       You are the data controller of any personal data you process in relation to the e&e affiliate programme. You must at all times abide by the relevant obligations placed on you by the 

·       General Data Protection Regulations and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations as varied from time to time.

·       e&e reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions without notice.