The ultimate feminist LGBT+ apparel brand. We put our money where our “loud, feminist mouths” are, fighting the patriarchy one ethical, slogan tee at a time.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Voucher Code Usage

Affiliates on The Spark Company programme aren't permitted to use any voucher codes that have not been explicitly stated as suitable for affiliate use. Occasionally, The Spark Company will offer voucher codes to customers via other advertising channels - including catalogue drops, and direct email campaigns, or have these codes available on their site.

All affiliates should take care not to promote unauthorised codes in any manner on their websites - otherwise this will result in commissions being reduced to 0% for the affected sales where these unauthorised codes are found to have been used. In some cases you may also be removed from the program.


Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the brand name terms or any derivation or misspelling including but not isolated to:

The Spark Company
Spark Company
The Sparck Company

The Spark Compani

Affiliates found bidding on these terms may have pending transactions cancelled or face temporary suspension from the program.

To avoid broad match issues I would urge you to include the above terms as negative keywords in all PPC campaigns else action will be taken against affiliates that persistently break the terms and conditions of The Spark Company affiliate program.

Purchasing of domain names
Affiliates cannot use any domain names that include The Spark Company or misspells of the brand name.

Promoting The Spark Company

Please ensure that the RRP is promoted and not of the price including the discount. Any discount codes can be advertised along side of the RRP; however the final discounted amount cannot be advertised. For example if product X is £10 and they are offering 10% off, do not display the item as being £9. It should be advertised as £10 plus 10% off.