Inscripture are the UK's leading Handwriting Engraving Experts and also offer a wide range of Personalised & Non Personalised Jewellery & Gifts. We are also renowned for our Trademark My Mummy & Me Jewellery

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

7 Days


Commission Terms

Inscripture currently run search marketing via Adwords & Google Shopping. We also have paid advertising across social media (e.g. Facebook & Instagram) and actively run retargetting campaigns. We are, therefore, looking for partners to compliment and add value to our current efforts. 

We do not want people to work on paid brand searches for Inscripture  as we already have that covered and want to ensure our sponsored ads come up as opposed to someone elses as this will cause competition with our own products. You can sponsor other terms relating to Jewellery & Gifts but please DO NOT SPONSOR OUR BRAND NAME!

We will not consider partners who are proposing to use:

  1. Search > Direct Linking > Publishers that navigate the user from 'search engine results' to the 'advertiser's website' with absolutely no other interim stages.
  2. Mobile Search > Publishers that run search advertising campaigns that navigate the user from 'search engine results' on a mobile device (such as a smart phone) to the 'advertiser's website'.
  3. Social Search > Publishers that run search advertising campaigns which navigate the user from 'social media websites' to the 'advertiser's website'.
  4. Retargetting / Remarketing campaign

We are offering a 10% commision to ensure quality publishers & make it worth your while!

All payments are paid within 28 days

All commissions are based on price inc VAT

All commission is inclusive of postage

Returns policy - 14 days

If you have any specific queries please feel free to get in touch

Commisions wont be paid if the item has been refunded

*10% is the base commision (excluding Sub Networks, Cashback & Coupon Sites)