Established in 1905, Frost manufactures and supplies specialised tools, paints and equipment to automotive restorers / classic, custom & retro vehicle enthusiasts, competitors and craftsmen.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms and Conditions

Program Terms
These Terms and Conditions are applicable on any advertising platform, including, but not limited to search engines, advertising networks and social media placements.

Pay Per Click Search Activity
Pay per click (PPC) search activity and brand name bidding is strictly forbidden by Frost.

  • Affiliates are requested not to bid on any brand name terms or any derivation or misspelling (broad match or phrase).  These include, but not limited to, Frost, Frost Auto and Frost Auto Restoration, Frost Auto Restoration Techniques, Frost ART etc. To avoid broadmatching issues, these terms should be added as negative search terms across your paid search accounts.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to bid on hybrid terms that contain our brand name (including misspells and variations) within paid search activity.
  • Bidding on any brand names sold by Frost is not permitted. 
  • Affiliates may not use domain names that contain the Frost brand name, (including misspells and variations) any connotations of this brand name or any domain name that would falsely associate Frost with a 3rd party website.
  • Affiliates are not permitted to use any of our brand names within their ad copy for paid search activity.
  • ​Affiliates are not permitted to use brand (including misspells and variations as a sub domain).
  • Affiliates are not permitted to scrape the site to update inventory. Please use the updated data feed for site listings.
  • Affiliates are prohibited to bid on terms that contain links to our direct competitors’ brands.

Product Feed
Frost uploads a daily Datafeed to the Awin interface that contains the most up to date product listings and prices. We request all affiliates to use the most up to date pricing on their websites by downloading the feed on a daily basis.

  • The feed is to be used for affiliates own website and their own comparison sites.
  • ​Offers must be up to date and current. Any affiliate found to be consistently promoting incorrect, out of date or misleading prices will be removed from the Frost merchants affiliate program.

Voucher Codes

You may only promote affiliate authorised voucher codes, these can be found on the ‘discount vouchers’ section on Awin or if agreed with the affiliate manager otherwise no commission will be paid on sales that have used the code. Please do not display onsite any voucher codes that have not been issued to you directly by Frost

  • All promotions must be updated within 48 hours of receiving our communication.
  • All websites are requested to remove voucher codes or mark them as expired once an offer has finished.
  • Expiry date must be clearly visible if a voucher code has been issued.

General Promotion

  • Usage of the Frost name or logo in any email material is not permitted unless approved by Frost Affiliate Manager.
  • Affiliates should only use advertising material and content supplied by Frost or Awin on behalf of Frost (adverting must be downloaded from the Awin Interface).
  • Advertising material must not be edited or modified unless written consent is given from the Frost Affiliate Manager.
  • Frost does not pay commission on orders that utilise our 3rd party finance packages for payment.
  • Frost does not pay commission on orders paid using a Frost gift voucher.
  • Frost does not pay commission on orders that have been amended, finalised or placed over the telephone.
  • We request affiliates not to hardcode banners into their website so that creative updates can take place.
  • Affiliates accept that in becoming a Frost affiliate they will act in a responsible manner that does not bring Frost and any of its associated brands, product or services into disrepute.
  • Affiliates found breaching any of the Terms and conditions will be served a warning, commission payments may be put on hold, and may be suspended from the Frost Affiliate program.

Frost reserves the right to add, change or update the above Terms and Conditions without any prior notice.