EDF Energy is Britain’s largest electricity generator. We have put sustainability at the heart of our business, by making industry leading commitments including to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions from our electricity production

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United Kingdom


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30 Days


Terms and Conditions

Promotional Activity

Affiliates must not use any Brand Terms in conducting Promotional Activity unless and until the precise instance of such use has been approved by EDF Energy or by the Counterparty acting in accordance with EDF Energy’s formal written instructions. Where any use by any Affiliate of any EDF Energy Brand Term is approved, the Affiliate must seek further approval should any new use, or change to the approved use, of that Brand Term (or any other Brand Term) be proposed, for example, this includes email marketing activity; copy must be signed off before doing the mail drop.



Please note that face-to-face/door-to-door selling is strictly forbidden. Please ensure you do not partake in such activity. If any affiliate is found doing so they will be removed from the programme without warning.



Affiliates must not operate in a manner which allows any Potential Customer to click on any link relating to that Affiliate’s website and be sent directly to the Contracts Processing Page or any EDF Energy website.

If you are unclear on any of the above TCs please contact



Sales will be validated and paid once the customer’s energy supply has been live for three full months. For a dual fuel application, live supply will be considered to have occurred once both electricity and gas supplies have started.

Only sales to customers not currently receiving their energy supply from EDF Energy will be validated.