IdentityIQ is a unique service that combines Credit Reporting, Enhanced Credit Monitoring, and Identity theft protection services. Our top-tier plans include Monthly Credit Reports & Scores from all 3 Credit Bureaus combined with Identity Theft Insurance.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Commission to be paid out upon Enrollment in either of the subscription plans, with valid payment method.

$35 commission per order, with opportunities for increased commission based on order quality.

30 day referral period (if a user visits the site and doesn't enroll upon first visit, but does enroll on subsequent visit within 30 days, publisher will receive commission for that enrollment).

We accept US-based traffic only.

Notice: Commission will not be paid for enrollments that cancel same-day, as our offers are 7-day trial product offerings. Commission will not be paid out on fraudulent enrollments, fraudulent being that the user is unable to successfully pass identity verification questions. Commission will also not be paid out on enrollments where credit card chargebacks occur. 

Affiliates may only use creative provided by IdentityIQ, unapproved creatives will need approval prior to usage in a live campaign.

Please carefully read the IdentityIQ Affiliate Advertising Agreement in our documents section for in-depth advertising instructions and partner requirements.

We are not currently working with PPC/Search/Incent-based sources at this time.

Partners are prohibited from bidding on protected keywords including but not limited to: IdentityIQ, CreditScoreIQ, CreditReportIQ, IdentityIQ Website, IdentityIQ brand names, dba brand names, the IdentityIQ Trademarks, and/or any and all branded keywords associated with or substantially similar to IdentityIQ, IdentityIQ Website, IdentityIQ domain names, IdentityIQ URLs, IdentityIQ Trademarks. In the event Partner is uncertain whether a particular search term is protected, it is the obligation of the Partner to seek prior written approval from IdentityIQ for use of such term.