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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Botanycl Affiliate Program

Upon acceptance onto the Botanycl Affiliate Program the following terms shall be in place and all Affiliates shall be bound by them. It is encouraged for all Affiliates to read and understand these terms as it is assumed that by working on the Botanycl l program they have been read and understood.


The terms using the wording "" in the terms below also apply to the domain "".

Pre-approval of Communication

Any ad copy, imagery or other content should be shown to a member of the Botanycl team before it is set live on a consumer facing environment. Media such as social media, email and other forms of consumer communication must also be shown and approved to a member of the Botanycl team before it is set live.


Ad copy and creative media must match the standards of the Botanycl website and all information must be factual and accurate. 

Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Awin interface. Affiliates are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those through Awin may take immediate effect.

Anyone found infringing on these terms will receive a warning and may have commissions reversed. We reserve the right to withhold commission during this time. Continuous infringement of these terms will result in suspension.

Bespoke creative can be supplied on request please get in touch at for further help.

Promotion Restrictions

Advertising commonly referred to as "spamming" is unacceptable to us and could cause damage to our name. Other generally prohibited forms of advertising include the use of unsolicited commercial email (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. In addition, you may not advertise in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents your identity, your domain name, or your return email address.

Email Marketing - You may use mailings to customers to promote Botanycl so long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber of your services or web site, and recipients have the option to remove themselves from future mailings. Affiliates are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this Affiliate programme.

All email marketing must be signed off by Botanycl and the account management team.

You may post to newsgroups to promote Botanycl so long as the news group specifically welcomes commercial messages. At all times, you must clearly represent yourself and your web sites as independent from Botanycl. If it comes to our attention that you are spamming, we will consider that cause for immediate termination of this Agreement and your participation in the Botanycl Affiliate Program. Any pending balances owed to you will not be paid if your account is terminated due to such unacceptable advertising or solicitation.

MALWARE: Affiliate shall not transmit any so-called “interstitials,” “Parasiteware™,” “Parasitic Marketing,” “Shopping Assistance Application,” “Toolbar Installations and/or Add-ons,” “Shopping Wallets” or “deceptive pop-ups and/or pop-unders” to consumers from the time the consumer clicks on a qualifying link until such time as the consumer has fully exited Botanycl's site (i.e., no page from our site or any Botanycl content or branding is visible on the end-user’s screen). As used herein a. “Parasiteware™” and “Parasitic Marketing” shall mean an application that (a) through accidental or direct intent causes the overwriting of affiliate and non affiliate commission tracking cookies through any other means than a customer initiated click on a qualifying link on a web page or email; (b) intercepts searches to redirect traffic through an installed software, thereby causing, pop ups, commission tracking cookies to be put in place or other commission tracking cookies to be overwritten where a user would under normal circumstances have arrived at the same destination through the results given by the search (search engines being, but not limited to, Google, MSN, Yahoo, Overture, AltaVista, Hotbot and similar search or directory engines); (c) set commission tracking cookies through loading of Botanycl site in IFrames, hidden links and automatic pop ups that open Botanycl's site; (d) targets text on web sites, other than those web sites 100% owned by the application owner, for the purpose of contextual marketing; (e) removes, replaces or blocks the visibility of Affiliate banners with any other banners, other than those that are on web sites 100% owned by the owner of the application.

Pay Per Click search activity

Affiliates are not permitted to carry out any PPC search activity directing traffic to Botanycl except by special arrangement.

Affiliates generating traffic to their own sites must also abide by the following rules.

a. Using the Botanycl brand term in the sub folder of the display URL (eg – Not Allowed

b. Using the Botanycl brand term in the sub domain of the display URL (eg – Not Allowed

c. Using the Botanycl brand or a misspelling of the Botanycl brand in the display URL (eg or ( – Not Allowed

d. Using the Botanycl brand in the ad title – Not Allowed

e. Using the Botanycl brand in the ad text – Allowed

f. Bid on the brand term “Botanycl” – Not Allowed

g. Bid on misspellings or extensions of the Botanycl brand (eg “Bottanyclls, CBotanycl, Botanycls, Botanycl UK,”) – Not Allowed

h. Bid on Botanycl brand + generic terms (eg “Botanycl Supplements”) - Not Allowed

i. Bid on the advertisers URL ( – Not Allowed

j. Show adverts on competitors’ brands – Not Allowed

k. Please note affiliates are NOT allowed to bid on any variations of the brand name Botanycl. 

l. Botanycl and common misspelling should be added as negative terms to all affiliate paid search campaigns.

Discount code / voucher code websites

As standard all voucher code use needs to comply with the official IAB guidelines which can be found here: 

a. Publishers may only use discount codes which have been supplied to them by Awin on behalf of Botanycl. Please apply to Awin to obtain authorised codes for the Botanycl programme.

b. Publishers must not display made up / invented discount codes on their site(s) or display discount codes that were intended for use in other channels or for other online publishers.

d. Discount code publishers with websites that encourage users to “click here to reveal offer / code” thus setting an Awin cookie can only use this function if a voucher code exists for the Botanycl programme. If there is no voucher code available for the Botanycl programme publishers must not use this method, as it leads to a poor user experience for potential Botanycl customers and can cause customer service issues.

e. If a discount code has been issued to publishers and it has an expiry date the publisher must clearly display on its website(s) the expiry date of this discount so that the user can decide whether they want to go ahead and click the publisher’s link.

f. If publishers wish to maintain expired discount codes on their sites for search engine optimisation reasons, they must display clear notification to the user that the discount has expired. This notification must be located right next to the expired discount code. The font size must be no smaller than the site(s) body text and the colour used must contrast clearly with the background It is not acceptable for the notification to be displayed a significant distance from the expired code.

Purchasing of domain names

Affiliates cannot use any domain names that include the Botanycl brand.

CSS Google Shopping

CSS Google Shopping activity cannot currently be run with this program.

Voucher Code Affiliates

All existing voucher code affilates are expected to adhere to the below:

In light of the recent developments regarding promotion of voucher codes on affiliate sites, Botanycl asks that affiliates adhere to the new guidelines from the Internet Advertising Bureau Affiliate Marketing Council (IAB AMC). Therefore, the terms & conditions of this affiliate programme have been set to reflect these guidelines:

1. Using "Click to Reveal" when there is no valid or current code present is not permitted for affiliate publishers using "Click to Reveal" to show any deals / offers / sales instead of vouchers.

2. Voucher code affiliate publishers must clearly detail the voucher offer that will be revealed by the click.

3. A valid code or promotion is defined as a code that has been legitimately issued by Botanycl for use by affiliates and not a code that has been issued to consumers direct. This code or promotion will have an activation date and where necessary a deactivation date.

4. Voucher code directories must contain clear categorisation and separation between deals / offers / sales and discount codes.

5. Awin check all sales made through the affiliate programme; where a promotion code is used, and the offer has not been communicated to affiliates to use, commission will be disqualified.

Bots and Automation

Bots, scripts and other forms of automation that are used to message consumers on a mass/large scale are not permitted.

Adult/Mature/Hate/Terrorist/Political/Sexual/Contentious Content

Botanycl should never be present where any of this type of content is presented, Botanycl should never be presented as taking a view or opinion that it has not consented to.

Product Feed

Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain Botanycl's most current pricing information in their promotions.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions could result in your relationship being terminated and any commissions earned being reversed.


Publishers are allowed to deeplink to a chosen offer or category on the Botanycl site.

Affiliate Approvals

All affiliate sites are audited on sign up to ensure any brand compliance issue that may exist are met. Any affiliates without a working URL will be rejected.


Commissions will typically be paid between 30-40 days after a transaction has occurred. Botanycl reserves the right to claim back commission on all returned goods.

Toolbar Affiliates

Botanycl do not accept or work with toolbar affiliates. 


Any Affiliate found to be manipulating performance or conducting in any sort of fraud will be terminated from the program and forfeit all and any outstanding commission that has not been credited to their bank account.

Please note - upon closure this merchant operates a 7 day notice period.