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Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

2 Days



Online advertising/Keyword Bidding (Effective May 16, 2019)

We write to you regarding the paid search restrictions as set out in our Program terms and conditions agreement(s) or order form (including applicable terms) (as amended) with you.

The European Commission’s recent decision in the Guess case1 found that certain restrictions on online advertising in Guess’s contracts (including bidding restrictions which restricted Guess’s distributors from bidding on the Guess brand name in search engine online advertising auctions such as Google AdWords) breached competition law. In light of this decision and the FTC’s finding in the 1-800 Contacts case2, has therefore decided to remove the provisions relating to online marketing (also known as PPC, paid search, SEM or (keyword) bidding restrictions) in the T&Cs (including any (phrase, exact or broad) negative obligations) (if applicable) of the relevant agreement with you or such other clauses as applicable) (hereafter collectively, the “Bidding Restrictions”).

We hereby inform you that we consider (and hereby declare) all Bidding Restrictions (whether applicable to you or to us) in the Agreement to be entirely null and void. This means:

- The restrictions of bidding and linking the ads to publishers' own websites are lifted.

- But high-jacking our ads or direct linking to with their ads are not tolerated and will be immediately removed from the program and stopped from commission pay-out. 

The removal and waiver of the Bidding Restrictions will be with immediate effect. Note that the removal of these restrictions do not under any circumstances authorizes publishers to proceed in black hat SEM tactics on our program (direct linking and high-jacking of our ads). 

The Affiliate shall not (directly or indirectly) make the Affiliate Website(s), the Content or the Service available or present the Content, to the Third Party Platforms with the intention or purpose of or by (trying to) mislead(ing), deceive (deceiving), trick(ing) or fool(ing) human editors, computer search engine spiders, web-crawlers or (meta) search engines (including any similar tools or engines) of Third Party Platforms in order to give the Affiliate Website(s) a higher ranking or display when it would not otherwise be displayed or higher ranked if it would not have been using Cloaking or any similar technique or method



Prohibiting Conduct:

  1. Publishers cannot register or use website URL (domain name) containing the brand or any misspellings or similar names. For example: words like booking, bookings, priceline, agoda or any misspellings, variants should not be a part of the domain name
  2. NO use of iframes or similar functionality
  3. NO use of toolbars, browser applications and/or extensions that can be knowingly or unknowingly installed on the user’s computer or other devices

Website content:

  1. Website should not contain any pirated or sexual/adult content, gambling, spyware, malware, virus, or other harmful code
  2. Website should not copy or resemble the look and feel of’s website to give an impression that the publisher’s website is a part of


Sub Affiliation

Sub affiliation is permitted only with approval from


Cashback Display:

  1. If you’re promoting cashback, please ask for approval.
  2. If you’re then approved, please add the following terms & conditions to the Store Page: “Cashback is based on the room rate and does not apply to any taxes, service fees, VAT or other hotel facility costs (including restaurant and spa). Cashback will be paid out a month after you have completed your stay.”

Please note: If any of the above policies are violated, reserves the right to ask networks to close down the publisher and mark the publisher ‘fraudulent’ and reject all bookings from them (means no commission will be paid for bookings from the publisher)


Important notes for Affiliates:

  1. Only 'in-session' transactions are commissionable, we do not use cookie tracking currently.
  2. Commission will be paid out when a customer completes a hotel booking. - Company Information:

You can update our company information using the links below: