Staunch Nation Affiliate Program (US)

Staunch Nation Affiliate Program (US)

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Staunch supplements are fun, delicious, and most importantly, effective in helping you achieve your goals


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



STAUNCH NATION (US) Affiliate Program - Calum Von Moger’s official Supplements   

The Sports Nutrition market is currently one of the fastest growing industry sectors with growth in excess of 25% year on year. is very pleased to welcome you to our Affiliate Team. One of the worlds largest and most influential fitness models named Calum Von Moger sits as the face of STAUNCH NATION with nearly 3,000,000 followers on Instagram alone. Our team is here to reward you for driving customers to our site, and sharing about STAUNCH. Besides offering large commission based earnings we also provide you with exclusive affiliate and ambassador promotions to offer your audience included in our monthly newsletters.

Affiliate Program Highlights & Benefits

  • 8-10% commission

  • 30 day cookie

  • High Average Order Values near $90.00

  • Strong Conversion and Customer Retention Rates

  • STAUNCHNATION US site is mobile optimized

  • Banner and text creative, updated bi-monthly

  • Frequent communications regarding new products, technologies & promotions

  • STAUNCH NATION offers a 15% discount to Military, Veterans, Police, EMT and verified Students?

  • Regular commission payments


Program Terms

Commission will be payable on all confirmed tracked orders. Cancelled orders and duplicate orders will not be validated. All new customer information remains the property of STAUNCH NATION and may not be used by affiliate partners to remarket our products without express permission

Social Media

  • Botting is forbidden

  • Intercepting STAUNCH NATION customers is forbidden

  • Promoting expired, false or incorrect offers or information is forbidden

  • All social media posts should be sent to the ambassador manager before being posted


  • Only official STAUNCH NATION images provided by the an Account Manager are to be used, if you need an image please request one

  • Images of out of stock or discontinued items are not to be promoted

Ad Copy

  • Only official ad copy is to be communicated to consumers

  • Any expired offers or discounts that feature in ad copy are to be removed from site upon the day of expiry

Discounts & Vouchers

  • Expired discounts and vouchers must be removed from your website upon the day of expiry

  • Expired discounts and vouchers must not be communicated in any means or form to consumers

  • Only official discounts and vouchers communicated by the Account Manager may be promoted by an affiliate and only sales from these approved voucher codes are eligible for a commission.

  • Discounts and Vouchers may not be promoted as being eligible to be combined with another form of discount, voucher or cashback unless explicitly stated by the Account Manager

  • From time to time customers may use a voucher code from an Email such as the new customer voucher for 10% off. This type of voucher is not eligible for use in the affiliate channel.

New Products

  • New lines may not be promoted in ad copy that includes the mention, inclusion or insinuation of a discount, cashback or voucher code unless explicit permission is given from the Affiliate Account Manager

  • New lines may not feature in ad copy that mentions, includes or insinuates a discount, voucher or cash back within 2 months of launching without explicit permission from the Account Manager


  • Affiliates must update ad copy that features in search engine page results to ensure it is consistent with the latest STAUNCH NATION products, offers, discounts and vouchers, SEO headers and titles that appear in search should be updated to reflect the latest and most up to date offers and vouchers.


  • In line with the 28-day refund policy STAUNCH NATION will not validate any sale until the refund period has expired


  • STAUNCH NATION reserve the right to withhold payment of commission on suspicious transactions and also reserve the right to determine what qualifies as suspicious

Inactive Affiliates

  • Affiliates that fail to promote STAUNCH NATION in some form and capacity or fail to register a click within any 60-day period may be removed from the programme without notice

Notice and Action

  • Affiliates agree to action and remedy any request that brings them back in accordance with the STAUNCH NATION brand terms in no less than 7 US working days. Exceptions to this rule are at the Account Managers discretion

Brand Ambassadorship

  • By joining STAUNCH NATION affiliates are presumed to have read and understood the state STAUNCH NATION brand terms and to promote the brand with high esteem and diligence to ensure these terms are enforced at all times

Breach of terms

  • STAUNCH NATION reserves the right to withhold commission payments to any affiliate found to be in breach of these terms.

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