Arran - Sense of Scotland

Arran - Sense of Scotland

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Bath, body and home fragrance products inspired by the natural beauty of Arran. A sprig of gorse, a breath of sea air and a pinch of seasoned wood. These elements combine to conjure vibrant, evocative scents that are uniquely Scottish, uniquely Arran.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

28 Days

Terms and Conditions


Commisssion is paid out on approved sales only and are validated on a monthly basis. An approved sale will meet the following criteria:

  • The sale has been approved by ARRAN Sense of Scotland with payment being received from the customer and the order not being returned.
  • The sale has tracked on a last click wins basis through the affiliate window system to the individual affiliate ID.
  • The affiliate has adhered to all affiliate window and ARRAN Sense of Scotland programme terms and conditions.
  • A non-affiliate code has not been utilised during the sale. (please note:affiliates can only use voucher codes that have been provided through the affiliate network specifically for their use.)

PPC Policy

ARRAN Sense of Scotland does not allow any affiliates to bid on brand terms, nor are affiliates allowed to use these within a display URL in any PPC advertising. This also includes misspellings of the brand. Affiliates are not permitted to link directly to ARRAN Sense of Scotland`s site. You must not bid on any terms relating to any competitor of ARRAN Sense of Scotland. Any affiliates found to be doing so will have their commissions declined and may be removed from the programme.

Loyalty and Voucher code sites

Loyalty and voucher code sites are permitted on the programme. Affiliates can only use voucher codes that have been provided through affiliate netowrk specifically for their use.

Use of voucher codes

Affiliates may not promote voucher codes without prior authorisation. You may ONLY advertise codes that are provided through the affiliate program. You may NOT advertise voucher codes obtained from any other sources. You must NOT mislead visitors into clicking on an offer or code that does not exist or practice similarly deceptive tactics.these include,but are not limited to using knowingly expired offers or presenting offers that do not exist or are not affiliate offers,making claims that a visitor must click on a link first to activate or receive an offer,presenting a button that claims to show all offers and sets the affiliate cookie in the background, using technology that generates a click or sets the cookie from the action of copying a voucher code or through a pop under.

Email Marketing

All email marketing must be signed off by ARRAN Sense of Scotland. The affiliate must obtain appropriate marketing consents before sending emails to consumers.

Use of Social Networking Sites

Affiliates must highlight any promotional activity via social networking platforms to ARRAN Sense of Scotland for approval.

Declined Sales

Purchases that do not qualify for affiliate commission:

  • Any product purchase that is not correctly tracked or reported due to the links from your site not being properly formatted.
  • Any product purchased after termination of this operating agreement.
  • Any product order that is cancelled or returned.
  • Any products purchased by a customer who is referred to ARRAN Sense of Scotland`s site through any of the prohibited methods listed on this agreement including: Prohibited paid search placement and link redirecting to ARRAN Sense of Scotland`s site that is generated or displayed by a search engine.

Untracked Sales

Affiliates must raise any queries over untracked transactions within 45 days of the transaction date. Any queries after this period will not be paid.


Please note - upon closure this merchant operates a 7 day notice period