Operating in over 160 countries around the globe, athletic footwear, clothing and equipment manufacturer NIKE are one of the best recognised brands in the world.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


This document sets out the Terms and Conditions for participation in the Nike Affiliate Program via Awin’s network. By checking this box you are agreeing to abide by the specific terms and conditions for this programme.

A) You agree that you contract with Awin and that there is not, nor will be, any contractual affiliate relationship with NIKE

B) Awin grants you, as a Contracted Affiliate, a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable (sub)license for the term of the Affiliate Agreement to use and reproduce the NIKE Marks solely for the purposes of placement of Ad Links on the Affiliate Sites.

C) Awin reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate Agreement at any time for any reason whatsoever.

D) You undertake to return to Awin or to delete all materials which relate to Ad Links, designs, developments, prototypes, product samples and other items provided by Awin pursuant to the Affiliate Agreement, in the event of termination, for any reason whatsoever, of the Affiliate Agreement.

E) You undertake to immediately cease (i) to further use and reproduce any Ad Link, NIKE Mark or other Intellectual Property Rights of NIKE (or one of NIKE Affiliates or any third party related to NIKE); (ii) to use all (technical) know-how and other information provided to the Contracted Affiliate by Awin pursuant to the Affiliate Agreement, in the event of termination, for any reason whatsoever, of the Affiliate Agreement.

F) The term of the Affiliate Agreement as well as the sublicense as mentioned under B is subject to the Term of the Agreement between Awin and NIKE. For the avoidance of doubt the Affiliate Agreement and the sublicense will under no circumstances be longer than the remaining term of the Agreement between Awin and NIKE, and will terminate in the event that the Agreement between Awin and NIKE terminates, for any reason whatsoever.

G) You undertake not to use any Nike promotion codes or coupons that are not made available through Awin. Any promotion of a code before the official live date and time is not allowed. Any use of toolkits for product launches provided by Nike and/or Awin are not to be used before the embargo date and time lifts. Any violation of these terms will disallow you to earn commission on that code or product launch.

H) You guarantee that your Affiliate Site does not conduct any illegal activity and does not contain: 1. Discriminative content; 2. Pornographic content; 3. Hate/offensive/violent content; 4. Lewd/pornographic content; 5. Religious content; 6. Political content that endorses one party or candidate; 7. Aesthetically unpleasing content as advised by NIKE; 8. Abusive or irresponsible promotion of Alcohol, Tobacco or Drugs; 9. Use of the word "sex" gratuitously or excessively; 10. Firearms, games of chance, and lotteries.

I) You undertake not to use other URLs, banners, button(s), pointer(s), icon(s) or other link(s) that individuals can click on and that enables them to navigate directly to NIKE’s Site(s), than the Ad Links provided by Awin pursuant to the Affiliate Agreement.

J) You undertake not to modify any creative made available through Awin and are not allowed to conduct display activities of any kind with self-designed creatives, without express permission and sign-off by Nike. 

K) You agree to use the creative/promotions made available through Awin.

L) You agree not to bid, except with prior written permission, on NIKE’s (or NIKE affiliates’) name and on any NIKE Marks, NIKE’s (or NIKE affiliates’) trademarks or any common misspelling or confusingly similar trademarks, on any pay-for- placement search engines, including, but not limited to:, (overture),, and Furthermore, You agree, except with prior written permission, not to utilise, advertise or otherwise promote, any Nike terms in the headline or description copy associated with pay-for-placement search engines or in meta-tags, keywords, page titles or paid search engine advertising. The following phrases and terms are considered examples of Nike (trademarked) terms: nike nikes nike .com nike com niketown nike town niketown .com niketown com nike + nike id nikeid nike shoes nike sneakers nike store nikestore nike discounts nike coupons nike clearance nike gear.

M) You shall at all times comply with Awin’s requests as to the use of the Ad Links and NIKE Marks and shall not remove any NIKE copyright notices, trade marks or trade names from the NIKE Marks.

N) You acknowledge that you will respect all Intellectual Property Rights of any third party pursuant to this Affiliate Agreement

O) You explicitly acknowledge and agree that all Intellectual Property Rights in the NIKE Marks, NIKE Sites and NIKE Products belong to and shall continue to belong to NIKE (or NIKE’s affiliates, its licensors or other third party owners) and that you do not have any rights in or to the NIKE Marks, NIKE Sites and NIKE Products other than the right to use or reproduce them during the term and in accordance with the Affiliate Agreement.

P) You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and to conform to current good practice and any relevant regulatory guidance and rulings, including but not limited to advertising rules, regulations and standards, for the performance of the Affiliate Agreement. You will comply with any disclosure requirements or guidance provided by AWIN and NIKE from time to time. Furthermore, you agree to comply with all environmental policies, standards and procedures described in manuals or other written notification provided to the Contracted Affiliate by Awin from time to time. Pursuant to the Affiliate Agreement, you shall in particular not (non-limitative): For example: 1) send spam; 2) use spyware; 2) misrepresent to visitors of its Affiliate Site;

Q) You agree that Awin has the right to audit your business facilities to verify compliance with the Affiliate Agreement, any laws and any guidelines imposed on you pursuant to the Affiliate agreement.

R) You undertake not to assign (which includes (i) a sale or other transfer of shares or of all or substantially all of the assets of the business of Contracted Affiliate and (ii) a merger, consolidation or other reorganization to which the Contracted Affiliate is a party) any of its rights and obligations under this Agreement without the prior written approval of Awin.

S) You agree to respect confidentiality regarding all documents and materials which are made available to you and clearly marked as ‘Confidential’ pursuant to the Affiliate Agreement.

T) Nike will aim to validate transactions on a twice-monthly basis, after the returns period has ended. This period is 45 days for NikeiD product and 30 days for other products.

U) Transaction queries must be submitted within 45 days of the transaction date. Nike reserve the right to decline claims submitted after this time period.

V) Toolbars are not permitted on the Nike affiliate programmes, in any region.

W) As an approved subnetwork you are and will be responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations related to partners on your platform. When reporting traffic and sales back to the Nike program, you must use the click ref or publisher URL field to identify the publisher and inform us of the last referring URL that drove the sale. Partners that do not comply will be suspended from ALL Nike programs. Nike holds the right to decline any transactions without a clearly defined website URL.

X) Use of the affiliate channel for dropshipping or re-seller activities is not allowed. This is applicable for both direct activities or through Cashback websites. Consumers using cashback for these activities are not eligible to receive cashback and any transaction resulting from this will be declined. Nike allows a maximum of 10 products per week per user to be eligible for Cashback.

Paid Search Policy:

The NIKE program has a closed PPC policy. Affiliates are not permitted to use, or any other NIKE URL as a display URL in any paid search listings. NIKE do not allow affiliates to bid on any brand name or terms including any misspellings, variations or derivatives. Affiliates are not permitted to bid on phrases which include both brand terms and generic keywords. Affiliates are not permitted to include any brand terms, misspellings, variations or derivatives in any search string or display URL on any pay per click search engines (including, but not limited to, Google AdWords, Google Content Network, Yahoo, Overture, Miva, Mirago, Bing, AOL search, 7Search etc.). Examples of prohibited terms include but are not limited to: Nike Nikestore nike-store nike store nike trainers nike clothing nike shoes nike football nike running nike iD nikeid nike-id nike+ nike +

The use of any of the above search terms as either a keyword or in the display URL of any PPC advert is prohibited. To ensure that you do not appear for any search strings that include the NIKE brand name, please make sure the following terms are negatively matched in all PPC campaigns: nike nikestore nikeid nike+ NIKE trademarks must not be used as a subdomain or subfolder on any display URL in paid search listings. For example: Anyone found infringing these terms will be contacted by the NIKE Affiliate Team. Affiliates found to be breaching the program terms and conditions may have their commissions declined and will face suspension from the program. In extreme circumstances NIKE reserves the right to immediately suspend any affiliates found breaching these terms and conditions and declining any commissions accrued from the activity.

The NIKE program has a closed Paid Social policy. Affiliates are not permitted to use, or any other NIKE URL as a display URL in any paid social listings.

The use of any of direct paid social linking to Nike website in any advert is prohibited. In extreme circumstances NIKE reserves the right to immediately suspend any affiliates found breaching these terms and conditions and declining any commissions accrued from the activity.

Commission Rates:
Please see commission tab for details on the commission structure.

Seeding Policy:

The NIKE program has a strict seeding policy. Seeded Affiliates are required to use specific linking to promote the seeded products.

Mandatory use of the link structure, below: 

Program ID = Nike Region Awin ID

Partner ID = Publisher ID

Campaign Name = Seeding Campaign Name

Product Landing Page = Seeded Product landing page or search results. (Facultative)

Seeded Affiliates are also required to provide all the figures for the below KPIs for reporting purposes:


  • Clicks on link
  • Reached accounts

IG Posts/Reels:

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Comments
  • Reached accounts

Twitter Posts:

  • Clicks on link
  • Retweets/likes

Youtube Videos:

  • Views
  • Likes/comments

Hashtag Guideline:

Seeded partners must use the below hashtag when promoting the seeded products. 

#teamnike #ad

Approval Guideline: 

Seeded partners must share their content with their Awin contact for approval before going live.

Seeded Products:

Nike are committed to serve you with the highest quality and will always try to meet your preferences of products in size and colourways upon availability. However, there are times that coverage of units or sizes is not guaranteed. This means that there are times when we are not able to serve you with the preferred colourway or the perfect size, but we will match your request with the next best available. Please note that sometimes due to coverage limitations a seeding cannot be guaranteed even after confirmation. If you agree to a seeding campaign, we understand that you have read and acknowledged the above and will still be as committed as us to fulfil the partnership by creating the agreed content for the campaign even when preferences could not have been exactly met.