We are UK's largest Builders Merchant and provide a wide range of trade products including Aggregates, Garden materials, Power Tools, Bricks , Timber and more.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Cancelled Orders:  Any cancelled orders will result in non-payment of commission. A cancelled order can constitute one of the following, fraudulent transaction or transactions which have not been fulfilled.

Cashback: 3% cashback as standard

Voucher Codes: T&C's to be dictated at the time of voucher promotion. 

PPC: No publishers to be given rights to bid on TP brand terms. Any publisher found to be bidding outside of these conditions will be removed from the program and any unpaid commissions will be declined.

Commission: Travis Perkin’s reward sales based on a last click attribution model minus VAT and delivery charges.


If an affiliate is in breach of these T&C's, they will be removed from the program.