Currys is a multi-channel retailer offering the widest selection of electrical products in the UK (over 6,000 lines) from their stores nationwide and online at

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Important Programme Notices:

  • Validation Delays: As of the 12th April, Currys PC World will have been able to open stores, due to lockdown restrictions beginning to ease. This means that the extended returns period that began on the 29th October will be coming to an end. With this in mind, towards the end of April we will be able to start processing pending validations from the 29th October onwards. Please do bear in mind that we will be processing these as quickly and as efficiently as possible, but this may still take some time so please be patient. If you do have any questions or concerns around this, then please do reach out to the Awin Team and they will be able to help.
  • PS5 and Xbox Series X Commission Removal: Due to consistent stock issues surrounding the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, we will no longer be paying commission on sales of these products. Once stock levels return to the norm, we shall reinstate commission on this product.
  • No 'Credit Solution' Affiliates: The Currys PC World website now offers their own credit solution. This means Currys PC World will no longer work or affiliate with publishers that provide a 'Buy Now Pay Later' credit solution. If you are a publisher that offers a credit solution, please do not apply to the Currys PC World affilaite programme as you will not be accepted to join the programme.


  • Transactions will be paid if the online collection number is validated in store when the purchase is collected.
  • Commission will only be paid on any items that are reserved for Reserve and Collect and not on any other items that appear on the in store transaction receipt.
  • Commission will not be paid on any products that are listed as delivery, service and/or extended warranty.
  • Collect@Store commissions will be validated 28 days after the item has been picked up from the store.
  • Some transactions may be declined with the reason "reserve and collect number not validated". This can mean that either:
  • the customer has not presented the Reserve&Collect reference number at the store by the close of business the next day;
  • the customer has decided not to purchase the goods that have been reserved online in store;
  • the store has contacted the customer, and the customer is no longer interested in the goods that have been reserved online;
  • the customer has picked up the goods from the shelf in store, instead of going to the Reserve&Collect or Collect@Store desk.
  • Extra conditions will be placed on cashback and reward affiliates, to help protect them from fraudulent transactions.

Voucher Code Use

  • You may only promote codes that are provided through the Currys PC World Affiliate Programme.
  • There may be codes that are not in the public domain and these should not be used by affiliates unless express written permission is given by Currys PC World.
  • There may be codes that are in the public domain that are restricted to specific referrers and will not work for public use.
  • We reserve the right to withhold payment of commission if non-authorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale.
  • Where voucher codes are issued with an expiry date this should be clearly displayed, and codes should be removed or explicitly marked as expired after this date unless you are advised otherwise. Any affiliates who are displaying expired codes without marking them as being expired may be suspended from the programme.
  • All MDA voucher codes excludes products delivered directly from the supplier
  • Voucher codes cannot be used in conjunction with cashback, unless explicitely stated otherwised. We also reserve the right to decline commission if more than one promotional type is used in conjunction, such as voucher codes and cashback, or voucher codes and loyalty points.
  • Cashback
  • Cashback will not be paid on any transaction made for the express purpose of resale (including ebay and Amazon Store). For the purposes of re-sale please purchase through PC World Business (2371)
  • Any transaction made with a voucher code will not be valid for cashback, unless explicitely stated otherwise

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Affiliates must respect the intellectual property rights of Currys PC World.
  • Such rights include trademarks and service marks, copyright and related rights, trade names and domain names, rights to goodwill or to use in passing off and rights in confidential information.
  • If an affiliate infringes these rights, we may remove them from the programme and may retain any commission that would otherwise be due to the affiliate.
  • Currys PC World request draft proofs of any copy that is to appear in any offline communication including and not limited to press campaigns.

Paid Search Activity

  • Currys PC World operates a strict policy on PPC Activity. The following types of keywords are restricted for use in any paid search activity of affiliates on the campaign:
    • Brand: Currys PC World
    • Extended brand: e.g., Currys Electricals, Currys Stores, Currys Vouchers, Currys discount codes,, PC World Electricals, PC World Stores, PC World Vouchers, PC World Voucher codes, PC World discount codes, PC World codes etc.
    • Misspellings: e.g. Curries, Curry, Currrys, PCWorld, OCWorld, PCWirld etc.
    • All other DSGi brands and their mispellings, including but not limited to Dixons, PC World, PC World Business, MacWarehouse and Pixmania.
    • Own brands:  Advent, PC Line, EiSystem, Philips Freevents, Matsui, Logik, Serano, Sandstrom, Goji.
  • Affiliates are required not to appear on any search results for these keywords on any ad platform, including search engines, content networks, social networking ad placements, etc.
  • In order to avoid any broadmatching issues, affiliates must add Currys PC World and as negative keywords in all paid search activity.
  • Affiliates also must not use the Currys PC World trademark in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, title or display URLs.
  • Currys PC World also require that you do not use any display URL that may suggest a connection with Currys PC World, for example:

CSS Activity and CSS Rights

  • Currys PC World operates on a strict CSS campaign policy. The rights to run a CSS campaign need to be explicitly signed off by the client prior to launch. These rights currently sit exclusively with one affiliate, therefore any activity that is going to disrupt this activity must be flagged with the client or the Awin Account Manager. Due to this exclusive set up, it is very unlikely for a CSS campaign to be signed off, so please avoid this activity.

Domain Name Restrictions

  • Affiliates are asked not to register domain names which are similar or confusingly similar to the Currys PC World brand including any miss-spellings of Currys PC World.
  • Affiliates may not use any domain name owned by Currys PC World for PPC linking without express permission.
  • Affiliates may not put the Currys PC World website into frames or use masked URLs.


  • Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Awin interface.
  • In order to prevent out of date content, affiliates may not hardcode the creative into their sites.

Product Feed

  • Currys PC World will provide a daily datafeed with the most accurate pricing available everyday through the AWin interface;
  • An advanced data feed that is updated at multiple intervals throughout the day, is available upon request;
  • Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain Currys PC World most current pricing information in their promotions. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, such as constructing a URL from which you can automatically receive the feed, please contact the account management team.



  • Currys PC World use additional tracking software. In order for your sale to be accurately recorded, it's essential that this information is included.
  • It is recommended that affiliates take links directly from the linking methods section of your account - banners, text links or the Currys PC World datafeed.
  • If you're unsure of how to use any of these tools please contact the account management team who will be pleased to help you.
  • Any affiliate that is found to be in violation of these terms and conditions may be suspended or removed from the programme, and any commissions that are due could be cancelled.
  • Anyone found infringing on these terms will be contacted by the Currys PC World account team.
  • Please note anyone found contravening the T&C’s may have their commissions declined and face suspension from the programme. In extreme circumstances DSGi reserve to right to immediately suspend any affiliates found contravening these terms and conditions from all the DSGi affiliate programmes, reversing any commissions accrued.
  • Any content, whether paid for or not, must be labelled with #Ad. Publishers failing to comply risk having commission rejected and being removed from the Currys PCWorld affiliate programme.


    For more information get in touch with the Awin account management team