Bemz is a global online store that creates design slipcovers and legs for IKEA furniture. Founded in 2005, with a head office in Stockholm, Sweden, we deliver to 42 countries worldwide. All of the fabrics are machine washable and made to order in Europe.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Terms of advertising 

Affiliates who do not comply with Awin and Bemz advertising rules can be suspended and will lose earned compensation. The terms that you accept when advertising for Bemz are, in addition to Awin's affiliate agreement, the following -


Discount codes

It is NOT allowed to use discount codes from email, paper mail or from any other advertising that Bemz sends directly to its customers. Commissions will not be paid for sales generated with such discount codes. However, it is permitted to promote discount codes that Bemz communicates directly through Awin as well as all discounted prices and promotions that are openly communicated on the Bemz website. Bemz can also give selected affiliates the opportunity to work with discount codes. Terms and validity of discount codes must be clearly stated.



It is allowed to promote and write about Bemz in newsletters.


Incentive-and bonus sites

It is allowed to drive traffic to Bemz through incentive and bonus sites.


Search word policy

Bemz has a closed keyword policy. It is forbidden to buy the brand "Bemz". It is also not allowed to buy special descriptions or misspellings of this word. It is also prohibited to drive traffic directly to Bemz through the purchase of sponsored links, regardless of words.


Rules and regulations regarding Influencers and Social media

As a publisher, you are obliged to make it clear for consumers when your content contains advertising material. As an approved Awin Publisher you have agreed to follow local laws and standards as stipulated in section 9.2.4 and 9.2.5 of the publisher terms and conditions.


Recommendations listed by other industry sources within the Nordic region include the following -

  • You should make it clear in the top of your post (blog or social media) that the post includes advertisement
  • You may choose to use different fonts in order to highlight that the post includes advertisement
  • You may choose to use a specific background formatting in order to highlight a post including advertisement


We strongly recommend you to read up on this topic to make sure that you are following the latest laws and standards as it is your responsibility to adhere to them. Below you can find  informative websites containing further information:

English sites of information

Advertising Standards Authority

Influencers guide provied by ASA


Swedish sites of information

International Chamber of Commerce

Interactive Advertising Bureau, Sweden

Consumer network