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General Terms and Conditions, August 2018

“SCAN Computers International Ltd” operates the website and is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 02620081. The registered office is at Scan Computers International Ltd, 25-28 Enterprise Park, Middlebrook, Horwich, Bolton, BL6 6PE, UK.

SCAN Computers’ privacy policy, cookie policy, and site terms and conditions can be read at any time through the following links:

1. Governance

The Terms and Conditions outlined henceforth govern the contractual relationship between SCAN Computers International Ltd (“SCAN Computers”) affiliate program and affiliate partners (“Affiliate”) promoting the website,

All activity is tracked on the AWIN network (“AWIN”). SCAN Computers expects each publisher to adhere to the Standard Terms for Publishers in the first instance, as well as the specific Terms and Conditions below.

The Standard Terms for Publishers on the AWIN network can be viewed here:

2. Parties’ Obligations

  • SCAN Computers shall perform its obligations under these Terms with reasonable skill and care.
  • SCAN Computers shall supply Advertising Material that complies with English law.
  • SCAN Computers shall operate the website and any content or functionality on that website within the technical abilities available. Affiliate partners will be informed about downtime to the site that lasts longer than one hour. Every effort will be made to ensure there are no loss of earnings for affiliate partners.
  • Affiliate shall not promote any illegal, unlawful or any material that would be considered as distasteful. E.g. Sexually explicit.
  • Affiliate shall not use any Malware, Spyware or Adware services which may attack the brand name SCAN Computers or its website.
  • Affiliate shall not use a product or service which collects personal information of users unknowingly for commercial gain. SCAN Computers operates within the GDPR framework and any affiliate knowingly operating in such a way will be immediately suspended from the program without any commissions owed.
  • Affiliate shall not own or operate a website which may cause confusion with any website owned or operated by SCAN Computers. Any site that uses the term ‘scan’, ‘scan computers’, or its permutations, within the URL is not permitted on the affiliate program.
  • Affiliate shall use marketing materials contained with the AWIN network only. If you require any specific creative, please get in touch with a named principal at SCAN Computers to get these created for you. 
  • Affiliate shall not use SCAN Computers or any other brand terms, or variants of the brand term unless prior approval from either SCAN Computers.
  • Affiliate shall remove all advertising material from the website immediately following a request from either SCAN for any reason.

3. Commissions and remuneration

The program operates on a last click basis and full remuneration will be provided through the AWIN platform. Commission may be declined in the case of cancelled, returned, fraudulent or duplicate orders.

Default commissions for affiliates are:

  • 1% for all Affiliate traffic on sales generated through the SCAN Computers website
  • 0% on specific products which are classified as ‘no margin’ products. SCAN Computers reserve the right to not remunerate Affiliates on certain products.
  • PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X Commission Removal: Due to consistent stock issues surrounding the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch Consoles and Xbox Series X, we will no longer be paying commission on sales of these products. Once stock levels return to the norm, we shall reinstate commission on these products.

Scan Computers reserve the right to change the commission structure at any time.

3.1 Additional Incentives

Scan Computers are open to discussing commission rates with Affiliate in exchange for additional promotion on the Affiliate website. Agreement will be made between the two parties and full written confirmation will be outlined within an email

Scan Computers reserve the right to change the Additional Incentives at any time.

4. PPC Policy - Paid Search Activity

  • Affiliates shall not bid on SCAN Computers or any other brand terms, or variants of the brand term unless prior approval from SCAN Computers
  • Affiliates shall not use in the display URL of their PPC campaign.
  • Affiliates also must not use SCAN Computers in any paid search activity, whether this is in ad text, title or display URLs, unless sign off has been given to the Affiliate.
  • Affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will have pending transactions cancelled and shall face suspension from the programme.

5. Voucher codes and incentives

Affiliates will be able to promote a voucher or promotion if agreed directly with a named partner at SCAN Computers, communicated through the AWIN platform, or communicated through the affiliate newsletter.

Affiliates are not allowed to promote codes that are given to other voucher code sites. E.g. A voucher code given to may not be promoted on

Affiliates will have all commissions declined, if a code has been taken and promoted on site without prior consent.

6. UTM Parameters

Scan will manage the setup of your affiliate tracking link. Click appends that automatically populates Google Analytics tags will be used. More information on click append can be found here:

The source will be AWIN, medium will be the affiliate name as displayed within AWin, and the campaign will be the affiliate ID.

7. Suspension

The SCAN Computers affiliate programme is closely monitored and whilst we appreciate that mistakes happen, consistent breaches of Terms and Conditions will result in commissions being denied and affiliates being suspended from the programme indefinitely.