Beaches are the world’s leading family all-inclusive resorts, offering luxury Caribbean holidays for families, couples and friends alike. With 3 resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, Beaches provides the ideal holiday packages for everyone.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days



- Minimum logo size is 23mm in length.

- It is essesntial that the logo remains free of all graphics, taglines, identitires, photography and typography.

- Gold logo to be used unless stated otherwise.

- Do not change the colour of the logo or add outlines or any visual effects to the logo.

- The logo must not be distorted or cropped in any way, nor should it be rotated in any way.

- Don't display the logo over any patterns or backgrounds where the logo will not be fully visible.


All online materials produced by or for Beaches should use a consistant set of typefaces. The primary font to be used is the Futura BT/T1 family, with various weights shown below. Font weights for headlines are generally Book or Light, but may vary depending on the specific publications’ reader demographic. Bold may also be used to highlight important parts of copy or sub headings. Futura Book is to be used for the body text. Our secondary font family is Adobe Garamond Pro. This serif font can be also used for the body text to compliment the Futura font.

For Beaches Weddings we use Adobe Garamond Pro as our primary body text font, and Trajan Pro plus Futura Light as our headline and sub-heading font. This is to reflect the more upmarket end of our product offerings.

A different font may be selected and used for the duration of the unique offer/campaign.