Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


We look forward to starting cooperation with your site.

However, there are conditions that are necessary and that we ask you to view before submitting a request to us.

Websites are not allowed:    

  •  of pornographic content     
  • with the possibility of illegally downloading pirated copies of music or software     
  • of racist, criminal or discriminative content, as well as those of content of violence (injuries proposals, sexual violence, rapes, murders, positive representations of weapons)     
  • whose content represents and promotes alcohol, drugs and tobacco Cooperation through sub-affiliate networks, banner networks or similar is not welcome.

Even sites without their own content are not allowed, sites that still have "work in progress" or that generate errors, as well as sites, whose content cannot be checked. The Tirendo brands cannot be registered on the site. If the aforementioned conditions are not respected, we will disclose the right to interrupt the collaboration.  

They are not allowed:

  • Postview tracking Cookie-Dropping  
  • The infringements with the intention of manipulating the results of the collaboration lead to the end of the same and to a cancellation of the payments generated by the fraudulent activity.  


Thank you for viewing our conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us to become our partner or for further questions about the affiliate program.  



Tirendo Team