Belvilla has 35 years of knowledge and experience and has grown to be one of the biggest European players in vacation rentals. The offer exists of 20.000 unique, online bookable vacation rentals in 21 countries. Belvilla loves vacation!


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Restrictions of the affiliate program

Email Marketing

  • E-mailmarketing is only allowed after explicit approval of the mailings by Belvilla.
  • Previews need to be approved by Belvilla via the Awin Email Approval Tool.
  • The publisher is responsible if they are accused of sending spam or sending a commercial promotion without approval of the advertiser.

Search Engine Marketing is allowed, provided that the publisher is not going to bid on the following terms:

  • The keyword Belvilla.
  • Combinations of keywords where the word Belvilla is involved.
  • The above mentioned options also cover all misspellings of Belvilla.
  • The above mentions options also include the keywords Casamundo, Traum-Ferienwohnungen, Topic Travel, Aan Zee, VillaXL, EuroRelais and Ardennes Relais (other brands of @Leisure Group).

Besides that the following rules concerning Search Engine Marketing apply:

  • No ads can be showed for the keywords as they are described above. Make sure that the keywords as described above are added as negative broad or phrase search terms in the Search Engine advertising campaigns.  
  • It is not allowed to use the search terms as described above in your advertisement texts. (Title, description lines, the shown URL and Ad extentions)
  • Publishers are no allowed to link their Search Engine advertisements directly to the @Leisure Group websites. Advertisements need to link to a separate website or splash page.
  • It is not allowed to copy the website of @Leisure Group

Discount Publishers

  • Limited admission of discount publishers
  • At the promotion we need to show a starting price or discount. The mentioned starting price or discount needs to match with the prices on the landingpage of Belvilla.
  • The communicated promotion needs to link to a specific langinspage. Linking to the homepage is not allowed.
  • The promotions that can be used are communicated by Awin. When the promotion is placed Awin needs to approve the promotion.
  • The publisher can’t place promotions on their website if they are not approved by Awin.
  • The promotion can only be showed when it’s valid.
  • When a promotion is expired it needs to be removed directly from the website. It is not allowed to show expired promotions on a website.

Cashback publishers

Cashback publishers are not allowed within the Belvilla program.