Vodafone is the worlds largest mobile phone network with a massive global brand and presence. In terms of coverage it is number 1 in the UK and has pioneered the development of 3G products and services.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Brand Guidelines

a). Affiliates may not promote Vodafone on sites featuring obscene or adult content
b). Affiliates developing site content specifically relating to Vodafone should reflect our brand guidelines
c) Affiliates are not pemitted to replicate the look of Vodafone's site or suggest in any way to the user that theirs is the merchant site.
d) Affiliates must not deface or adjust logos and are encouraged to use creative available in the Awin interface.

e) Affiliates can't appear on music, fashion, motorsport sites.

Creative Content

a). Affiliates are requested to use creative provided within Awin interface without alterations
b). If you wish to develop your own creative, please contact the account management team prior to commencing work for approval and guidance
c). Affiliates are not permitted to hardcode banners. This allows Awin to automatically update creative that is taken from their interface. If the format of your site means that hardcoding is a requirement, please contact the account management team for written permission