Who loves going on holiday? Everyone! So - unlike other providers - we offer flexible travel cover to all sorts of people, going to all sorts of places. Bring your audience reliable policies at great prices, with a generous commission on every sale.

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World-First Affiliate Programme

It’s all about you (and your visitors)

This is your website and your business. It’s something that you have worked hard to build. It goes without saying that you want to partner with advertisers that are right for your brand, right for your audience and reputable too. We can promise your travel-thirsty visitors cost-effective policies from a rising star in travel insurance. Albeit a rising star with over 40 years of experience. If you want to see how happy we make our customers, just take a look at our reviews on Trustpilot.

Flexibility is what makes us different

There are several travel insurance providers you could partner with. Why choose World First? Well, we offer all the policy benefits you would expect: cancellation cover, medical cover, gadget cover - you name it. But there are two things that make us refreshingly different from some of the insurance brands you might be more familiar with:

  1. the flexibility of our policies;
  2. the freedom we give to travellers with medical conditions.

Firstly we give every customer - powder hounds, gap year students, cruise lovers and more - the option to choose the level of cover that suits their holiday plans. So nobody ends up paying over the odds for cover that they don’t need. Secondly we are one of a small handful of travel insurers that has invested in a sophisticated medical screening system. It allows us to provide affordable cover for travellers with medical conditions, who may be turned away or charged prohibitively high premiums by other insurers.

In short: we can bring your audience freedom and flexibility as well as value. What’s not to like?

We give you flexibility too

This flexibility extends to our partners too. Not only do you get a generous commission rate of 20% on every referred sale. We can also supply banners and promotional material as needed, or discuss any additional requirements that you may have. You can come to us with your ideas, because we want to make sure our partnership works out great for both of us.

Sounds good? We’re ready when you are!