Slim & Save is one of the leading meal replacement companies in the UK. We have the highest TrustPilot Score in the industry at 9.6. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we achieve high levels of conversions (20%). Next day delivery and happy customers.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Slim and Save Affiliate Programme

Slim & Save are looking to work with dedicated and experienced affiliates in the Health & Fitness sector. We have been established since 2009 and have been in growth year on year ever since.

We currently send out approximately 4000 orders per month with order values ranging from £30 to £180+ . We have never used an affiliate programme before, but we are are very capable and responsive to needs of the publishers and we will listen to feedback to help affiliates achieve more sales and consistant revenue.

Slim & Save is a company that cares, we pride ourselves on our customer care and this is at the forefront of our business ethos. We offer 100% money back guarantee which instills trust from our customers to take a chance on a purchase, and even given this fact we see only a very small percentage of cancelled/refunded orders currently at around 0.5%, we never run out of stock or have site downtime.

We are responsive and happy to work directly with top affiliates to give you what you need!

We are willing to make banners and special offers that will fit with your audience, we have limited media currently available but we will provide high reach affiliates with everything they need to get maximum ROI just let us know what you feel you need to make the most of our programme.

  • 4 Week Cookie Length
  • 10% Commission
  • £20 Bonus on every £500 of sales in a month
  • Website has high conversion rate with right audience
  • Approved affiliates will have direct contact to grow partnership

If you have any questions in regards to our programme then please contact me.


Limited Products Currently Shown

Please note we are currently only showing as having 10 products, this will expand to around 50 products by the end of June. Our website layout doesnt require imagary for many of our products due to how customers buy them, we will be taking photo's of these products so they can be exported to AWIN over the next week.