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Nature's Sunshine Products

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ZU Direct are the proud suppliers of Nature's Sunshine products throughout the UK, and have been providing a comprehensive range of top quality daily nutrition and exclusive herbal supplements to satisfied customers for many years.

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United Kingdom


Nature's Sunshine Products Affiliate Programme

About Us

People from all walks of life rely on Nature’s Sunshine’s products, from those who simply want to maintain their overall daily health and wellbeing, to holistic practitioners, nutritionists, personal trainers, and sports enthusiasts.

Quality is not an accident. It doesn’t just happen! To us quality is everything, beginning with the products we have available right through to the affiliate programme we offer our partners. We work hard at building relationships with our publishers, enabling us both to grow a healthy business.

Before You Join

  • We’d love to get to know a bit more about you and how you plan to work with us. We love to hear your ideas and they help your application chances a lot
  • Let us know if you can target the 25-34-year-old demographic as they are our target market (and we have enhanced opportunities for you if you can reach them)
  • Please do take a look at our website HERE – It will give you an idea of what we sell, who we are and how we help people from all walks of life.

How Can We Help?  

  • We can provide bespoke offers that appeal to your audience, backed with full promotional campaign material to ensure you can convert sales
  • For bloggers/content creators we have an extensive catalogue of proven recipes, tips, tricks and hints.
  • Our basic rate of commission is above industry average, and with our bespoke commission rewards; the higher the sale value, the more commission you receive.
  • We can offer rewards for repeat business, and for selling our bundle products. 

Why Should You Work With Us? 

  • Did we mention our 8% basic CPA rate? How about our increasing commission rewards? 
  • Our products are suited to a variety of health-related lifestyles, and appeal to a wide demographic. Everything from healthy eating to the workout regimes, and all sorts in between!
  • Our Average Order Value is c.£35!!
  • We have a full suite of banner creative available in various sizes, and a regularly updated product feed
  • We’re committed to treating our publishers as business partners, all our approved publishers are more than just “affiliates” to us.
  • For Bloggers we can offer information and creative to help you grow your brand.
  • For Incentive Websites we will ensure you have relevant offers and codes to make sales.