Living DNA is a personal DNA service, designed to help people understand more about themselves and where they come from in unparalleled detail. Living DNA’s ancestry test is the world’s most sophisticated on the market.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Living DNA Affiliate Programme


At Living DNA we believe that the greatest adventure is discovering who you really are. Our range of easy to use at home DNA kits give you amazing insights into your history helping to bring family stories to life while unlocking goal-orientated wellbeing reports improving your quality of life.

A downloadable creative pack is available where you will find high-res product and promotional images, product/company factsheets, PR contact details and more. All aimed at driving a high conversion rate. The pack is downloadable from:

• Earn up to 10% commission for each Living DNA order completed via your site

• High conversion rates

• Clear and simple marketing that is easy to understand by consumers

• Responsive care team that can support you every step of the way

• In house marketing and creative teams to adapt any materials where needed


Terms and Conditions:

The following types of site are not acceptable:

• Sites under construction

• Sites that promote, contain, or link to sexually explicit or graphic materials and/or language

• Sites that promote violence

• Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age

• Sites that promote illegal activities and substances

• Sites that contain any libellous, defamatory or disparaging materials

• Sites that contain material that is defamatory, fraudulent, or harassing to us or any third party

• Sites that have a clear stated mission that is in part to support religious or politically active causes, as represented on the homepage or key landing pages


PPC Policy:- We do not allow bidding on our brand name or variations of it. Affiliates must not use the LivingDNA display URL Affiliates are not allowed to Direct Link from Paid Search.

Voucher Code Policy:- Please note that affiliates may only use voucher codes that are available through the LivingDNA affiliate programme, or those that have been issued directly by LivingDNA or CJ. Where an affiliate is found promoting a code that has not been issued by LivingDNA or CJ, we reserve the right to decline commissions. Continued use of unauthorised codes will result in programme suspension. Cashback sites will not be paid commission on sales that include the use of a voucher code as well.

Thank you!