Get Me A Ticket (GMAT) is the home of UK free competitions, were we offer registered users the chance to win a series of prizes. Publishers can generate commission from driving users to fully register on site.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Get Me A Ticket Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the Get Me A Ticket Affiliate Program!


About Us:

Get Me A Ticket (GMAT) is the home of UK free competitions, were we offer registered users the chance to win a series of prizes, ranging from holidays to shopping vouchers. We offer new prizes every week, so users have a constant stream of competitions to enter.

Our website generates a minimum of 25,000 full registrations per month, so consistently proves to be a popular choice for competition entries.

We have a market leading FPN during registration to ensure all leads are verified with compliant opt-ins. As we have been providing lead generation for over 8 years, we see ourselves as specialists in the market.

The Prize Entry Process:

Users enter the site and create an account. This includes a two stage registration process where they fill in their details including name, email, DOB and address and opt-in. In order to enter a competition the user answers a series of survey questions. After completion they are then entered into their chosen competition.

Programme details:

The Get Me A Ticket affiliate program rewards publishers for driving new traffic to site – this reward is based on each new user fully registering on site.


We are paying on a CPA basis.

We will pay out 60p per full registration.

What is a full registration?

A full registration: The user enters the site and sign’s up to Get Me A Ticket. The user then answers between 4 to 12 survey questions to enter a competition.

At this point commission is paid out to publishers.

**We will not reward for repeat competition entries once a user has fully registered.


Cookie Length: 

30 Days


Collaborating with Publishers:

We like to collaborate with affiliates and are open to working exclusively on specific campaigns!

We also welcome prize ideas, so if you have a prize you would like us to feature on site get in touch.



All creatives will be supplied by ourselves and updated regulalry to reflect the latest competitions available on site. We will also provide a range of banners in various sizes for you to use.

If you are driving traffic via email, all creative must be signed off by ourselves, whether you have generated your own creative or used our templates.