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Cable and Cotton Fairy Lights in 49 Colours!

Light and colour – two things that together lift our mood, make us smile and generally put a spring in our step.

And that’s where Cable & Cotton Fairy Lights can help. We sell colourful fairy lights in millions of possible colour combinations to liven up your living room, pep up your office, add some mood to your place of inspiration or act as a soothing night light for your child’s bedroom.

We are here to add a splash of colour to your life with our  fantastic fairy light


Why are Cable and Cotton Fairy Lights different?

Our Fairy Lights are completely customisable so you can mix and match your own colours, showing from the 49 available colours fairy light colours – that’s millions of possible colour combinations !

Whether you want to cozy up on a dark winter’s night or create a buzz for a summer’s party – doors open, warm breeze wafting in, drinks on ice (you get the picture) then Cable & Cotton’s Fairy Lights will set the mood.

What’s more, our lights are UK safety certified to ensure your peace of mind.


Our Values – a positive supply chain for everyone

We believe in the transformative power of colour, but even more than that, we believe in fair pay for a day’s work.

Our fairy lights are hand-made with care by skilled craftswomen in Thailand, and in buying our decorative lights you are helping to support an entire community of women in a remote southern region of the country.

All our workers have an insurance policy set up for them to provide income if they are unable to work for any reason.

We take pride in their working conditions, where their “office” is in the fresh, open air. Set up with the help of the Thai government’s project OTOP, and designed to support small sustainable business projects in rural Thailand, Cable & Cotton guarantees year-round income for our workers.

Each and every lamp is hand-made. So with our decorative lighting, your home gets a shot of beautiful colour, and you get the feel-good factor of knowing you’ve supported the livelihood of true craftswomen. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Maybe we’re not going to change the world (yet), but we want people to feel good about our lights and where possible benefit and prosper – that’s us, you and everyone involved in the supply chain.

It’s good to do good.