Miista is a designer fashion forward woman's shoe brand, with two lines: Miista and Eeight. Eeight is more affordable. Miista is renowned for its trend setting designs, unique materials and quality manufacturing.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Miista Affiliate Programme

An Elegant Balance In The Unusual

Miista brings together opposites, deliberately juxtaposing elements that clash without creative expertise.

Miista prides itself in finding an elegant balance in unusual combinations of design and materials, where cutting edge creativity meets age-old craft. 

We call it our ‘Measured Madness’. The name Miista is itself a playful reference to both miss and mister and alludes to the art mixing things into intriguing new configurations.

Based in the bustling creative hub that is East London and manufactured in Spain, Miista embodies the style of worldly and irreverent women.

The Offer

In this program we offer:  

  • 10% commission on sales of Miista; and
  • 8% on E8 by Miista, Miista's more affordable cousin.


Susie Bubble of StyleBubble writes:

"I don't think I've written about an independent high-street-to-mid-range priced shoe label start-up that's based in London…ever... 

By independent, I mean one singular designer with a tiny team that isn't supported by a bigger brand or conglomerate.  Enter Laura Villasenin whose work I saw a few months ago as an in-progress snapshot and now finally her together with a financial backer, she has launched Miista.  Villasenin studied at Cordwainers in London and graduated with a first class Honors degree and after working for a few labels she has banded together with a few friends to make her dream of a label come true... 

The simple question of "Do I feel it's worth it?" has an affirmative answer here."

Price Points

  • Miista retails at between £90 for sandals, £140 for brogues, £180 for sneakers and £250 for boots. 
  • E8 by Miista retails between £40s to just over £100.

What partners are we looking for?

Miista is seeking quality traffic from respected fashion media partners, fashion blogs and magazines. 



Earn up to 10% commission per sale generated. Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships with Miista. Regularly updated feeds with a variety fashionable and always new products.

Range of fresh and exciting banners, updated regularly. Regular affiliate communication updates with trends, tips, news and the latest offers. Excellent AOV and on site conversion rate.

Cookie length 30 days. Track your results and optimise your activity to maximise your revenue.