Developed by leading fitness and nutrition experts to give you tailored advice, workout programmes and motivation to achieve your goals.

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GymCube Affiliate Programme


We now have downloadable Exercise and Nutrition Plans, the main plan is called #GCLifestyle and is supplemented by one of the free training plans. Currently Extreme Weight Loss, Slim and Tone, Strengthen and Define.

The most popular entry point into GymCube is now via the #GCLifestyle plan and is £100

What is GymCube?

Developed by leading fitness and nutrition experts and tailored for you, GymCube makes the whole process of getting healthy that bit easier.

- Live Classes Schedule - Get fit with our expert trainers at a time that suits you! (Don't worry! Catch-up also available if you miss the session)

- Private social groups - Where you can ask questions, share tips and get involved in the Gymcube Community

- Consistent on-hand advice and support - Having an unhealthy day? Speak to us, it might not be as bad as you think!

- Avoid the myths - Kevin is a leading PT having trained, Celebrities, Beginners and anybody inbetween. As the worldwide ambassador for Reebok, his advice is honest and based on years of experience. With his support, it's a change in lifestyle, not just weight

Still not sure? Here's our helpful video that explains Gymcube:

A Short History

In 2012 Reebok UK Master Trainer, Kevin Foster-Wiltshire, realised that his exercise class participants and personal training clients had the desire to get fit, but simply couldn’t commit to the gym or training sessions they needed.

To get past these barriers, Kevin came up with an idea to help people take part in professionally-run fitness classes at home, when it suited their busy schedules. GymCube was born. 

Today GymCube helps more than 30,000 people worldwide to exercise conveniently at home with guidance from qualified expert exercise instructors, while also providing proven nutritional guidance.

It means that anyone can now quickly and easily burn calories, tone up and improve their general wellbeing from the convenience of their own home.