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Addison Lee App Download Campaign

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We’re Addison Lee; the business class car service. With attractive commission rates available for first riders, Addison Lee are looking to forge strong partnerships with high quality publishers who mirror the high level of service Addison Lee provides.

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United Kingdom


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30 Days


Addison Lee App Download Campaign Affiliate Programme

Welcome to the Addison Lee App Download Affiliate Programme! 

Who we are:

We began in 1975 with the belief that taxis and minicabs could be done better. By combining the latest technologies with traditional customer service values, we disrupted the industry (before disrupting industries had even become a thing).

Our iconic black cars have been on the road ever since and now we have circa. 4800 of them which include our standard range through to our executive Mercedes fleet. We are expanding from our traditional London base to more cities worldwide during 2016 and beyond. 

Additionally, you can now stop worrying about surge pricing or long waits during peak hours. Get a car on demand or pre-book up to three months in advance, straight from your phone on our mobile app! 


Why Addison Lee?

  • Trusted and recognised brand
  • Strong commission rates available
  • Looking to build partnerships with our affiliates
  • Attractive promotional offers 
  • Access to a dedicated Affiliate Manager


About the Programme:

The Addison Lee app download affiliate campaign is looking to drive downloads of their mobile app; paying out on first bookings via the downloaded app. 

With attractive commission rates available for the first ride, Addison Lee are looking to forge strong partnerships with high quality publishers who mirror the high level of service Addison Lee pride themselves on.



5% of the booking cost per completed first ride bookings via the Addison Lee app*

*New customer download only

Addison Lee are available to UK based affiliates only.


Launch Promotional Offer:

Promo code for new customers: Enter RIDE8 at checkout for £8 off your first booking

Terms and conditions -

Other offers to promote:

Just Relax: Save up to 25%when you travel off-peak & at weekends. Plus we never surge.

Even in snow, even in rain, even at rush hour, even at night, even on bank holidays


All email HTML and banner creative used for this campaign are Addison Lee approved and may change depending on seasonality and/or current offers so please contact the team for further information.  

Banners may also be found in the banners and links section in your affiliate account.

Please ensure that before commencing work on this campaign you have the correct links and creative. The team will supply this to you in advance.


Linking methods and creative

There are banners, e-shots and text links available for this campaign. Once accepted please log into your affiliate account to get the links/creative you need, or email

For those of you that require data posting instructions from lead capture on your own sites, please contact me directly. 


This campaign tracks both web booking and app download bookings. The banners on this campaign currently links out to the web booking URL. For all publishers who would like to promote the app, please use the below links:


Android Click!!!awc!!!&sub_publisher=!!!affid!!!&sub_site=!!!sitename!!!

IoS Click!!!awc!!!&sub_publisher=!!!affid!!!&sub_site=!!!sitename!!!

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Desktop Click!!!affid!!!

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Many Thanks,

The Addison Lee Affiliate Team