Insure4Music provides comprehensive music insurance for musicians, bands, DJs, singers and music teachers.


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30 Days

Insure4music Affiliate Programme

Insure4Music gives peace of mind for all musicians who require insurance for musical instruments or equipment. Many household insurance policies will not provide adequate cover as part of their home insurance, and as a result, Insure4Music offers a comprehensive music insurance which can be bespoke for users' specific needs.

Insure4Music covers the majority of musical instruments and the cover is valid for whether they are left in the house, or stored elsewhere. We pride ourselves on giving musicians reliable, low-cost insurance designed to ensure policyholders only pay for the cover that is required.

The key USPs of promoting Insure4Music are as follows:

  • 10% commission as standard
  • High conversion rates
  • Regular banner and creative refresh
  • Competitions and incentives throughout the year

For the user, the benefits of Insure4Music are:

  • 14 Day No Risk Approval
  • No requirement to list every instrument to insure
  • Insure multiple instruments and accessories on one policy
  • 0% APR on policies with premiums over £50
  • UK Customer Service
  • No premium penalty following a claim

Insure4Music is a Ripe Insurance product.

If you require anything additional, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Watters,