Hello, we’re Union Hand-Roasted Coffee . We’ve been sourcing, roasting, living and loving good coffee since 2001. We sell high quality, speciality coffee, roasted to order and direct to home consumers.

Primary Region

United Kingdom


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Affiliate Programme

Hello, we’re Union Hand-Roasted Coffee. We’ve been sourcing, roasting, living and loving good coffee since 2001.

We find and work directly with talented farmers, paying them a fair price so they can invest in their farm, families, and workers It’s called Union Direct Trade. Those fair prices, and our investment in smallholder farmers, make our specialty coffee extra special.

We hand-roast our coffee in small batches. Tiny, carefully-tended batches. To us, roasting is an art. And it shows. All our coffees are rated "Speciality" on the SCA’s international scale – the definitive measure of coffee quality.

It’s all thanks to our people. The farmers who grow our coffee. The roastmasters working tirelessly to perfect each roast. And the trainers, who teach baristas, enthusiasts, beginners – everyone – how to brew exquisite coffee.

We pay 3% commission for all sales passed to our Roast to Order channel ( and £3 commission on the first order for all CoffeeClub orders (coffee subscription service).

** We are not currently accepting applications to join the program from voucher/discount code sites or cashback sites. **

Affiliate Management

This programme is proudly managed by ThoughtMix. If you would like to discuss placements of promotions, please reach out to the POC below, call 0844 334 4469 or email