TPO is a mobile phone company dedicated to raising money for good causes. We do this by directing 10% of your monthly bill to a cause you choose, at no additional cost to you. With TPO you can save money and feel good about your plan!

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United States of America

TPO Mobile (US) Affiliate Program

About The People’s Operator

Delivering Goodness With Every Connection - The People's Operator Affiliate Program on AWin.

Why promote The People's Operator?

The People's Operator (TPO) is the mobile network that delivers goodness with every connection. We're aiming to raise billions of dollars for good causes by offering great value, excellent service and the opportunity to do good. TPO lets subscribers effortlessly support a cause they love by automatically donating 10% of their monthly bill to a cause of their choice - at no extra cost to them.

Subscribers can choose from national partners like the ASPCA, Save the Children or World Wildlife Fund, or just about any cause that’s important to them.

TPO Offers:

  • 90 Day Cookie
  • $16-$55 Commission on Every Phone Plan Sale

You can find out more about TPO mobile service and see our plans at

Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia)

TPO is happy to announce that under the leadership of Jimmy Wales, (Founder of Wikipedia), we’ve launched the TPO Community to build an advertiser-free social space where people (whether or not they’re a TPO customer) can gather online to talk about their support of causes – and even connect with and donate to the causes themselves. You can join the TPO Community at 

 Our members enjoy top-notch service, plans and coverage:

·       Amazing choice of plans at super prices

·       No annual contracts or activation fees

·       Nationwide 4G LTE coverage via the Sprint network

·       Free voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and 3 way calling

·       Prepaid and Monthly Unlimited options

·       Awesome prepaid and monthly tablet plans

·       White glove customer service

·       US based customer care support team

·       Give 10% of your bill to a cause you love at no additional cost to you


We’ve made it super easy to switch to The People’s Operator:

·       No credit check for prepaid

·       Monthly unlimited plans, no contracts

·       Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program

·       Easy porting so you can keep your number


Validation Periods: New Customers Only

60 days validation period from sign up date across all affiliates- excluding cashback 

90 days validation period from sign up date on all cashback sites.


Please be aware that during the signup/registration/activation process, potential customers may be routed from the TPO website to our customer care call center in order to complete the process. At this point in the process we will be unable to confirm and/or continue tracking the affiliate/referral origin and this may have an impact on publisher commission. TPO will always work to the best of our ability to confirm the affiliate/referral origin though our customer care call center in order to credit the proper source. The only sales an affiliate would get credit for from our phone store page at are from our bundle offers only! All phone purchases will not be counted as a sale.