Gymshark Partners offers you support on how to rank highly on search engines, offers that appeal to new and existing customers and work side by side with you to ensure you're successful working with us. We're also the UKs fastest growing brand.

Primary Region

United Kingdom

Gymshark UK Partners Affiliate Programme

Hello There,


Gymshark Partners is not your standard affiliate programme. We work side by side with you and help you to grow your website/business. We feel that Advertisers offer too little value to people like you and want to change that.


So how do we help you?


  • We’ll show you how to improve your search engines rankings and how to rank for searches our customers make


  • We provide offer that appeal to new consumers and our existing customers so you can convert both into sales


  • For bloggers/content creators we have a technology provider that can greatly help you convert visitors


  • Our commissions reward you more the higher the sale value you make and also pay on existing customer sales


  • We host marketing events, provide education on a range of helpful subjects to help you sell more and are committed to helping you make a good amount of money from working with us


Why you should work with us?


  • We’re committed to treating our partners better than any other brand, hence why you’re a partner and not just an ‘affiliate’ you’re more than that to us!


  • Gymshark sells in 151 countries, is the UKs fastest growing retail business (Fast-Track 100) and is the most popular athleisure brand right now


  • We’ll help you succeed. If you’re a blogger we will show you how to grow your brand the same way we’ve grown ours. If you’re an incentive website, we will ensure you have the offers you need to make sales. No matter who you are we will support your success


Before you join


  • Let us know how you plan to work with Gymshark, we love to hear your ideas and they help your application chances a lot


  • Let us know if you can target 18-25 year olds as they are our target market and we have enhanced opportunities for you if you can reach them


  • Read the terms and understand our brand. Make sure you check out our website and see what we sell and who we are.