Our mission is to assist you in brightening someone's day with our extensive selection of high-quality canvas prints for all of our customers, offering exceptional customer service while maintaining affordability.


Attribution Period (Cookie Length)

30 Days


Photo Gift World Affiliate Programme

About Us
At PhotoGiftWorld, our purpose revolves around uniting people.

A photograph encapsulates the profound and delightful emotions of shared cherished moments, such as weddings, vacations, and births. We aspire for you to relive the enchantment of these moments through our photo gifts, constantly reminding you of the splendid times you've experienced. Our dedication lies in fostering relationships and drawing you closer to your loved ones. This is why we consistently strive to enhance and refine our offerings to provide you with the top-notch quality products you deserve.

Numerous happy customers' relatives and friends from all over the world have already gathered thanks to us. You can enjoy their happiness by selecting various options, including photobooks, photo blankets, canvas prints, and more. Gift yourself a cherished memory keepsake or bestow a lasting photo gift upon your loved ones. We assure you that our photo gifts will bring you and your family joy.

Program Highlights:

Dedicated Affiliate Manager.
Earn 5% commission on all valid sales you drive. (Excluding Deliveries)
Commissions are awarded for each eligible sale, with exclusions for returns and cancellations.
30-day cookie length.
Exclusive discount codes are available.
Bespoke creative material.
Strong conversion rate.

Commission Structure:

Cashback/Loyalty: 5% 

Discount/Voucher: 5%

Content publishers: 10%

Photo Gift World is pleased to collaborate with a wide range of publishers; however, we conduct a manual review for each publisher who applies to join our program.

Contact Us:

Our committed affiliate team is available to assist you in maximising the program's benefits. If you wish to discuss the positioning of promotions, please contact us via email at